So, I have cancer.

  • Well about a week ago I went to the doctor for really bad wrist and elbow pains, my left wrist being so swollen I could barely move it and I was(and still) in constant agonizing pain. Doctor sent me to the ER because I had low oxygen and blood pressure. While i was there they took some of my blood and ran some tests and said my white blood cell count was over 50,000. So they sent me to a more serious hospital to be treated. My second day there, a doctor comes in and tells me that I have lymphoma. Not even an hour later after he leaves from telling me that, he comes back and says its more serious than he thought because a blood doctor personally called him and told him I had abnormal cells in my blood and that I had leukemia too. So again they transfer to a more serious hospital where I'm currently staying so they can start me on chemotherapy. Has anyone or does anyone know anybody that has been through all of this? Im terrified and dont know what to expect. I only went in for wrist pains and then all of a sudden I'm being told I have cancer.

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    Hey buddy, try to stay strong and never giving up! I know it's hard to keep a positive outlook when the scene is so somber and dark but positiveness atracts positive things, as long as there's hope you gotta cling to that!
    On the Leukemia subject... I've had a really close friend that went tho that and he is perfecly fine nowadays and has a normal and stable life, he beat it! Not gonna lie, it wasn't easy but with the support of his friends and family he managed, just don't push ppl away and let them help you and support you, you don't have to deal with all that alone, let the ppl that love you help you tho this process, you can do it!

    Always up for a talk and to trying to cheer up peeps so hit me up anytime ❤

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    First of all, just stay strong mate. Since they're starting with the Chemotherapy, I hope it is an initial stage and you get through it without much pain or side-effects. Now, I can personally not help you with it but I'm tagging certain folks who might be able to share their insights on this.
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  • Oh man... i cannot imagine what you must be going through... i hope everything works out in the end, and if possible, try to keep a positive perpective through it all. Cancer is a mean Bastard, but it is not impossible to defeat. Even though i do not know you, I really wish you the best.

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    @Buryce Hello friend, cancer always depends on a number of factors, from your age to your habits, but myeloid leukemia is more common in young people. Current chemotherapy is much more efficient than it was 10, 20 years ago and there is now the possibility of having bone marrow transplantation (many countries have it in an international network) is difficult but not impossible by genetic blood typing. I had a college professor who survived a Hodkin Lymphoma (although it's an aggressive form of tumor). The action of chemotherapy is systemic, that is, it spreads in your bloodstream seeking to reach sick cells. Do not be discouraged, even with the onset, that it is so difficult to adapt your body and side effects. It may be a long period of treatment until the regression of tumor cells, which may be a few years. But throughout therapy and the responses of your body you can resume your daily life. Stick to the love of your loved ones and trust your doctors and nurses by adhering to the treatments and following the guidelines. You will get it !!! Trust and do not give up !!!

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    Let yourself get double checked if you REALLY have tumors.
    A lot of doctors and health institutions make a profit with unneeded chemotherapy.

    "Dr. Farid Fata, 50, pleaded guilty in September to giving cancer treatments to misdiagnosed patients, telling some they had a terminal blood cancer called multiple myeloma. He pleaded guilty to 13 counts of Medicare fraud, one count of conspiracy to pay or receive kickbacks and two counts of money laundering."

    Shit and scum like that acutally exists, so beware.

  • @Buryce That must be terrifying. Having a positive outlook at a situation like this is close to impossible too. But you can stay strong. If you're in an initial stage, survival chances increases too. I hope the very best for you.

  • @Buryce Hello! I admire how tough you are in facing these serious matters in just a snap. It actually happens, we are not mostly aware of the happenings in what our system is experiencing inside. We feel good and look well on the outside but eventually our system will ask us to pay for what we have done/took into our body system 10/20 years ago. I know you can't grasp all these news right now, but I want you to bear it on your mind that "MIRACLES DO HAPPEN". For me, Doctors sometimes misdiagnosed patients. You need to have a second /third /fourth opinion from other doctors. If they have the same results, you just have to make yourself strong and keep fighting 🙂

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