Psychological Rebirth.

  • I've been studying psychology and philosophy through informal means for most of my adult life, but since January of this year, my efforts to getting to know a bit more about myself and this whole "being alive" deal has intensified quite significantly, due to a couple of life changing circunstances and a greater need for life path reestructuring. In this almost year long intense process, I've come across some good sources of inspiration and deeper knowlegde regarding Psychological Rebirth, as the whole process of reestructuring one's psyche is known. The following video is a summary of the event, it's characteristics and how to try to replicate it with a certain sense of control and intent. I've unnintentionally gone through this "remodelling" of psychological features, and much later came to know about it. I hope it intrigues and enlighten some of you guys, and I hope you guys can also, if needed, achieve some good changes.

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    What's the name when you know someone who's territorial to what's theirs and if what you took from them is not so important for them they won't run after you. Also, if you took what they love they will find a way to enjoy take what's yours slowly... but you know a little bit painful.

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  • @ИОЯ hmmmm.... not sure I understood that.

  • damnnn good talk of you mate. Respect from me! 👌

  • @Brazilian-Guy so does it mean that i am into Dog Sign (according to Chinese Zodiac) or Aquarian (based on zodiac) or what?
    Well imma dumbass dude, your further explanation would be a nice for this dumbass kiddo.

  • @G-A Although astrological signs (both the chinese and the equally old Babilonic/Persian signs) are indeed a type of archetypical defining of one's personality, Astrology is, as far as my understanding of it goes, a method of determination through suggestibility of archetypical features. It was extremely useful in the past, as a mean to equally distribute desirable traits in a early developing societal structure. This video shows a more "up to date", so to speak, understanding of the complexity and variety of human psyche and it's flexibility. So, if we were to speak about astrological archetypes, consider the idea of "Psychological Rebirth" as a complete reset of one's sign. I guess we could say that if you were supposed to be a aquarian, but somehow being an aquarian proved to be detrimental to your life, you could go through a change in personality so drastic that you wouldn't be considered an aquarian anymore if you went through the rebirth. Sorry if this whole astrological talk seems rather simplistic, I only know some aspects of it.

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