• Share me your opinion if we open all boundaries around country what will be the impact?

  • most ppl will oppose it...many ppl are tribal

  • Borders are formed by human and human can destroy it as well

  • It is very interesting question. Our history is full of wars especially border conflicts. I wish we could save those soldiers, people, various nationalities and wars would never take place in future. It will ensure a better world in future.

    Three wars are still ongoing

    1. Israeli–Syrian war
    2. Donbass war
    3. India-Pakistan military conflict

    It will solve refugees and migration problems too.

    We would never require a passport for traveling in any nation. It would be free of cost for anyone.

    People will become more familiar to each-other. Although I have never met a black guy/girl in my real life, I do not know how I would behave in front of him. Indeed, a border-less world will give an opportunity to break this hesitation. It takes some time to adjusting with new people for us.

    Articles will become more inexpensive because custom duties will be ceased.

  • @prashant1251992 it would create chaos. There are so many sectarian conflicts in the world. Borders keep enemies separate.

    Rivals may start fighting each other.

    Age of Empires may return in a borderless world.

    Many humans are tribal. Ppl of one community may have severe dislike for another.

    There are ppl who support genocide and support lessening the populations of "biologically inferior" groups and conspire to reach their aim.

    There are many western ppl who are serious supporters of racialized nationalism who support racial supremacy(like keeping some group at the top) and in some case oppose race mixing. I have seen such nationalists on this website and other sites. They will oppose it since it will be a threat for their ideas of domination,nation and nationalism.

    Personally i would support a borderless world if all are peaceful. Such peace can only be achieved by lessening ethnolingual differences within humans and uniting them by means of a common identity (for example,a common religion) which will never happen

  • @prashant1251992
    imho a world without any national borders would be a world of chaos. i mean, yeah, sure we could all hold hands and pretend like all the problems of our world would disappear if no borders exist, but what would realistically happen is that all kinds of drug cartels/terrorist groups/rogue states would had free reign to create misery in other countries. imagine if the border between north korea & south korea disappeared? or the border between russia and ukraine? not good, right?

    also, the international economy would probably collapse and unchecked migration would cause a lot of problems. in short, a borderless/stateless world can only exist when every single country on earth has a similar standard of living

  • Thanks for reply 🙂
    I liked your answer.
    Could you please let me know in which countries racism still have deep root?