• How do you stop loving someone that didn't do anything to make you mad or hate them. He gave some dumb selfish reasons saying he still loves me though. My mind and heart won't stop saying oh he'll learn it's okay he'll come back but you can't change selfishness. How do you stop the pain how do you stop loving them how do you move on. Is there ever someone else after a true love or do you just have to settle to be even close to happiness again....

  • @Angel94647

    I'm on the same boat as you and I have no clue how can I get over someone like that, I guess that a new person needs to walk in our life and we need to let that person in.

  • @Lurker

    I know and everyone keeps saying oh it just takes time and you'll never stop loving that person but get through the grieving process and someone else will be there waiting for you but it's like this person had so many good traits except the one they decided to leave. My ex did it for a selfish dumb reason (he thinks there shouldn't be any compromises in a relationship and would rather end up alone then not "stay true to himself"...) But how do you find someone with all the same qualities.... Sure I could find someone who isn't selfish but they won't be a gentleman or funny or childish with a serious side or vice versa or laugh at the same stuff I find funny or love Halloween and a ton more. It's like you get one good trait but end up losing others or they have those but then have something else wrong.... I probably sound like a horrible person but when you actually find someone who is truly great in a lot of aspects your standards go up and then you realize how hard it is to actually find people like that... Maybe ive lost my true love all because he had one issue he couldn't work and now I have to pay for it....

  • @Angel94647 It does get better. Believe~Lazz

  • @Angel94647

    I know exacly how it feels dude... I have the same fear. I can't find any faults in her and even the ones I could find I learned to like them... I feel like in order to find someone, she needs to have all that and more and that's highly unrealistic.
    But I also won't falter nor lose hope, it might sound impossible, it might hurt like hell but if they decided to carry on without us and they cannot be moved, we gotta keep going on our own till we find someone that wants to be with us.

  • No you don't really get over, yes you eventually move on. Enjoy the suffering until theeeeen.

  • I just wish It never happened.... Suffering sucks in general but suffering alone is worse..... I get there's a "lesson" but what the hell did I do to deserve it in such a horrible way. It feels like it's my fault and I know my faults but am I really that horrible of person...

  • @MartyBadger trust me I'm suffering haha

  • @Angel94647

    None of it is your fault, there are things in life you can't control and this is one of em. Don't beat yourself cuz of it try to find the best way to cope

  • Wish I knew how. How are you doing it? You seem further along than I am.

  • I have no personal experience of this. Not a single bit. But what I can tell you is that if you REALLY loved that person, you wouldn't be doubting your love. Follow that voice that has been guiding you through every obstacle in your life. Then you'll know!

  • @Angel94647

    Thanks but I really just keep up a good act so I don't worry ppl or make them pity me! Deep down I feel like you do.

  • @Angel94647 You feel that he had really good traits and this was just one stupid reason. You feel this way because you love that person and your mind doesn’t digest his flaws. It may seem like a little reason to you but in reality, he is so off! Love needs the most compromises. Through love you realise that to stay true to yourself you have to stay true to your loved one. And compromise anything for them. He says he didn’t want to compromise for you? And you think he loved you?

    You deserve much better. Someone that will fight destiny for you. It may seem unrealistic and all fairytale-like but trust me, true love does exist. And it takes pain, time, and knowing your standard as to reach it. And you should get over that person that can’t change single things for you and higher your standards to someone that will change the world for you. That’s all I have to say, good luck.

  • @Lurker well maybe its because we're going through the same thing but I don't pity you. Yeah I don't want pity either but it feels nice to have people care or understand.

  • @Angel94647

    I certainly do understand and i dont want anyone going over this so i also care about ppl that does... and because of that my dms are always open in case you wanna chat or vent about anything.

  • @Lurker i agree..find someone better