Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @thestrangest u r not a ex-muslim, u r a lier, u r anti-islam, and pretending that u r ex-muslim, no one wants to hear ur lies and shits, and if someone would truly follows quraan, then he will not kill even an dont talk about something u dont know dummy...

  • I don't think islam is a religion terrorism thats all.

  • @thestrangest That's what they want you to think, Terrorist fight with the name of islam and they are supplied by them, (THEY) don't want you to think it's peaceful religion or even think about knowing what's it's all about, (THEY) are fighting it because they know that if people looked to this religion in the way they don't want it the world is going to change, they are trying to make people stay as far away as they can from it. some people searched for it and believed in it and others searched for it and learned it but kept neglecting that it's the right religion, everyone has his own mindset, but if you really think about the whole thing and that terrorists use (ISLAM) as there main reason for their crimes, you will find that (THEY) are trying to keep people's minds under the shadow. (THEY) = The world

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  • @ahmed-a-hussein I am sorry.
    Because he is going to write a way bigger response.
    Best of luck mate!

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  • @alise4444 hey follow me

  • No..No religion teach us to hate ..if religion does that then better to change that religion...

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  • @Muslim
    Tuhawid ul mujahiddin
    Al quaeda and many other terrorist groups can attack at anyone at any time. We are living like a scared rat in this world. All these groups are made of mostly muslims. They have tremendously affected several countries like- Pakistan, India, US, Russia etc.

  • @sushant-singh yeah once again muslims are the bad guys yeah yeah oky thanx

  • @muslim actual islam is peacful the branch hurting people are called shi-ites my sheikh dosent consider them muslim becasue they dont even believe in muhummad "SAW" and get angry when u mention him, but islam has never been the head of major genocides it has just been demonized for a couple of radical groups i mean you got genghis khan,hitler,Mao Ze Dong and Augusto Pinochet

    were any of them musliim?......FUCK NO now go re-think you lives dumb niggas.

    {random nigga no one cars abou} but muslims are terrorists they insite fear.

    {ME} nigga no we dont, take ure dumb ass to ure local mosque and ask about islam they will tell you the word salam its self means peace,oh yea but check this the greates terror organization was christian remember the I.R.A??? now go read dumb niggas.

  • @iambucky u know how they celebrate their festival 'eid'. They sacrifice cute animals on this day. They're even cruel for animals so how they can be kind for people.

  • @muslim I'm sorry the world is so full of ignorant and misguided people that you feel the need to ask that question. As you seem very sure in beliefs, i am glad you are open to hearing what others opinions may be. Even the most predictable Catholic would still be defensive and guarded in regards to their beloved pope and anyone ***

    • [asking](![link url](image url))**** if all cathloic priests are child molesters. I myself am agnostic and think there's too little time on this earth to spend time praising and yet cowering before any god or prophet. In short, NO, i don't believe Islam is a terrorist religion and those who do believe such are the reason the terrorists have as much power as we let them. Anyone who would believe that Malcolm X was a part of a terrorist religion is part of the bigger problem in America where most people can't see or think past their own assholes because of the shelter and security we have in actually being free and insecure..

  • @unityismyname ive read it ll my friend . and it makes me happy to feel that iam not alone in this ...and there is so meany people such as you who really care about this world and respect the difference between humans ... am trying to make a change ... even if i couldnt ... at least i tried
    thank you so much for your words ... it really means something to me ^^

  • @sushant-singh Every culture has some sort of things that are different from other religions.
    People blame islam as a religion of hate without knowing that by saying this thery are just coming up with the teachings they're given in schools.

    the terrorist groups that say they are killing people because Islam ,
    they r not muslim , someone is commanding them , someone want them to kill inocent people under the name of Islam ,
    why ? because that person want u to when u hear Islam , u remember fighting and terror and explosion and sliced kids .
    but thats wrong
    Quran never said that u should kill others without any reason , Quran said if they attacked u , kill them (U only have the right to attack a person who started the fight , for example in a war that the other country started the war)
    actualy true muslims r fighting with terrorist groups that work under the name of islam
    muslims r not terrorists or bombers , this is just a misunderstanding .
    the motherfucking terrorists that slice kids in front of cameras , they are just some bastards trying to destroy the name of islam . islam said dont kill "ANYONE" until he or she attack u . islam didnt said kill other people because they have another religions . your fucking government is trying to blow your brain up with this bullshits about islam . if u read the stories about islam , muslims never killed inocent people , true muslims are kind , believe deep in god . u think muslims dont fall in love ? u think muslims just think about killing others ? u think muslims are terrorists that kill people withou mercy ? thas bullshit . this is not your fault . this is your governments fault . and even quran said if they attacked u by one shot , you only have to defend yourself by one shot , not two shots . do u know what is that the biggest Guilty in islam ? is killing an inocent person . no matter what is his or her religion . so u think fucking terrorists killing other people are muslim while quran said the worst work u can ever do is killing someone ? the fucking bastard who told u this bullshits about islam , is your government . they hate iranians , and they try to make terrorists out of us in your believes , so if they droped nuclear bombs on our country u dont get sad , because then u think we were terrorists . if u read quran carefully , it said u should help poor people , u should pray god , u should not kill or even hit anyone when he didnt started the attack , it said u should not slice any dead bodies . the most valuable thing in islam is a persons life . no matter what is his religion or what he believe . and even islam cares about the corpses of people . u should not slice the corpse , u should not
    Disrespect the corpse . im a muslim . i have faith in god , i love people around me , i enjoy my life , i travel to different places and enjoyed everything i had . this is how a muslim live . i never killed and will never kill anyone in my life . im a muslim , not a terrorist or a suicide bomber . even quean said muslims should be friends with christians because they are right too . so after all , u still think mulims are murderers ? if this is true , i should be in a terrorist groupe right now , but im in my home programming with my computer and enjoying my life . if u had any questions just post , if i had time i will answer u . thanks for reading 😉

  • @it-sharish
    muslims also believe that every animal has a soul and that is why we do not even think about to kill it. and not just animals , this is right about every living thing . we are not cruel mate . you are wrong . we dont kill any person with out a firm proof that he killed another person , dont think of terrorists as a part of islam . as i said they purpose is to make u hate muslims 🙂

  • @it-sharish said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    Four islamic terrorist groups- ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Taliban were responsible for 74% deaths of the world in 2015.

    They are not isalmic - they are just terrorist groups .

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