Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @sushant-singh
    who said we sacrifice cute animals ?????? 😡

  • @iwannalove its very convinient when any muslim does smth bad to tell he isn't muslim. But both you and those people are proly think they are muslims. I respect you and your religion, but you cant deny both you and those people are muslims or just think they are - it does not matter. If your brother make a crime he doesnt stop to be your brother, whatever you think about him. Sorry for my grammar

  • Well done and well said.

  • @laimon-rex
    alright . lets think that u believe in christ . if i make a terrorist group and kill all around the world , and say this is the world of christ to kill people who r not christian , many people who dont know about christians that much will hate them . and in this situtation what can u do ??? this is exactly what happend to islam my friend . people who are killing other inocent people r not a part of islam because islam saied dont kill inocent people . The reason u r wrong is , if my brother do a crime , he is still my brother , but if a muslim kills an inocent person , he is not muslim anymore , because in muslims holy book clearly said dont kill inocent people . 🙂

  • This is good, BUT, it doesnt answer the question posed .....
    Islam is not so much a religion as it is a cult. (you can look up the definition of cult)
    Islam was dreamt up by clerics of the pagan tree and moon worshippers because they
    wanted to form a group to compete with the christians, jews, and zoroastians, who were controlling the camel trade routes and they wanted an uncontestable story similar to the christian nativity story as a foundation. And they invented the story of the illiterate arab guy being in a cave when hey presto and angel arrives and starts spitting out mumbo jumbo supposedly from the universes creator. It's pretty obvious to intelligent minds that this is as daft as the christian nativity story so they succeeded there. I wonder where the hell this supposed cave was and havent found any specific location of it.

    Thing is tho, the origins of the violence in islam comes from a small group of islamists who went and attacked the camel train and robbed it of its cargo during the "safe period". The "safe period" was a period in time of several weeks when it was illegal and immoral to attack the camel train. Mohammed is supposed to have said lying and deceit is OK if it is done to support and to help islam grow, thereby sanctioning the violence used.

    I suspect this Mohammed character never existed, and the "hero" of islam was called Mohammed just because that name was so popular. This might explain why later it became a capital offence to draw a figure known as Mohammed, because no one knew what he looked like.

    I strongly recommend everyone interested in islam and muslims they go read the supposed lifestory of this character Mohammed, you'll see what a sick character he was. And, if you do a little searching, you'll learn that many of the top guys in islam were sick violent perverts.

    Islamists will tell you that the earth belongs to Allah and therefore it is their role to convert everyone to islam or to kill them. Mohammed is supposed to have said, ask a man three times to convert to islam before killing him unless he is a jew, then ask only once before killing him. So the violence started right at the beginning of islamism.

    MOhammed is also supposed to have said, when you move to a new area do nothing to draw attention to yourself, then when you have sufficient numbers cause social chaos, then later when your numbers have grown, attack, destroy, and take over.

    I ask people of united kingdom, how long will it be before we get free prayer mats when we pay our council tax ??

  • @iwannalove im not christian and i dont like both these religions. I even won't ask you for the Koran texts. There are very few religious people following everything written in Holy Texts. They eat, when they shouldn't eat, they drink, have sex and so on while their religion forbids that. There are no perfect people. After that they are all still christians, muslims etc. Also arabic language is pretty hard and some phrases could have several meanings. The fact is when you hear about terrorists in news they are most proly conected with islam. Why not atheist, christian or buddist? I think the answer is obvious. Btw, for me personally christian religion makes even more harm

  • @luv2lik
    so u think mohammed , the main character for the muslims didnt exist . ok , but whats the difference ? there is a book we call it quran . i dont care about the existence of muhammad . it doesnt really matter . the thing that matter , is our holy book , is the instruction written in that holy book . islam is not mohammad , islam is quran . every person can lie about mohammad , maybe u say he killed a lot of persons or helped a lot of persons , u can lie easily about someone , specialy if he isnt alive , or as u say doesnt exist , but the quran exist , and its "written" , so u can not change it , and i dont say mohammad is right , or wrong , or whatever , i really dont care about mohammad , but i care about quran . maybe u say mohammad asked a man to turn into a muslim then if he didnt accept he killed him . it isnt really important , because this is maybe a lie . or this is a better example : think about a person who done a lot of crimes , killed a lot of people , and etc , but he written a book that if people do the instructions in the book , they can make a society that everyone there can live safe , there are no thiefs , or murderers and poor people . it does not really matter who is the author of the book , maybe he is the biggest criminal in the world , but the book he written can make the best society in the world , i dont say mohammad is the biggest criminal in the world , i dont judge mohammad , because i werent there but i think you got the point . quran isnt the word of mohammad , is the word of god that mohammad got , and the mohammads responsibility was only to spread that , so muhammad is not really important , his message is important . u can say history is changed because history is written by the collection of things that a lot of people say , but u cant say quran is changed because it was written by one person . u cant change that , even if u change , there r a lot of qurans out there and everyone will notice . so dont read about muslims history because its not really important , read Quran because thats the muslims believe . you are telling about muslims history to describe muslims , but when u have a quran , why u use history , i mean maybe there is someone in the past who lied about mohammad , so it can be all lie , but when u read quran , u can see the unchanged version of what mohammad wanted to say . im sorry my english is not very good , but i think u can understand .


    -Ur gae mom

  • Banned

    I'm a Palestinian/Syrian, i know that the war is horrible.

  • @Muslim hey why are you connecting Islam with terrorism. These are two different things. Terrorism is all about bloodshed and just because of few people all Muslim community is suffering. Why don't you get that every Muslim is not a terror. If you wanna make change just treat all Muslim equally as we all are humans. And don't compares Islam with terrorism because Islam is sacred. So I request you treat all Muslims equally.

  • I don't think so

  • @Catherine1986 you should think about that twice..all major terrorist groups are muslims.. coincidence..i think not..islam is not spreading terrorism but muslims surely are..and while i am at it..MUSLIM MINORITY IS A MYTH..THEY ARE NOT A MINORITY.."ANYWHERE"

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    Stop fighting on religions that's better

  • No.We have a world with many religions . Talk to Good people and see the better side . The dark part is in every one of us . Religions try to bring out the good. But some have interpreted it wrong.

  • @Muslim no not really. I find it evil.

  • @amethyst1324 thanx for your opinion^^

  • @davidwil sure , the what can you say ab9ut what's happening in Jerusalem , Iraq , ... What about the massacre in newziland.. or the Hiroshima Ana nakazaking bomming that took 300.000 life in 1 min ... Bro go read history

  • @Muslim nah . You tell me what does is say sir ... Or what did you understand, and how deep Arabic you understand. Stop being a media dumb .

  • You are sham in Arabs mate . Go ask an Iman to explain that Condition to you

  • @Luv2Lik Uhm ... May I suggest that you check your data base first ? Also go search in book not on the internet ... Thanx anyway

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