• Fuck knows why anyone lives there

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    Hilarious =D

  • @Lick-Me said in Imagine living in texas what a shit hole:

    Fuck knows why anyone lives there

    I highly recommend 2 things.

    1. Don't judge anything much less a huge state such as Texas by just a single or small amount of information. I love Texas but I also hate certain places and cities in Texas. And...
    2. Try tubing in a crystal clear river that is 72 degrees Fahrenheit year round, or driving around Willow city in the spring. Terlingua in the fall, or partying on the river walk in San Antonio or 6th Street in Austin.

  • @Lick-Me Sadly, another mass shooting, just yesterday, there. Several dead, many more injured. Thoughts go out to anyone who was affected by this tragedy. Police DID take the shooter out, but that is small consolation to those who lost someone close.