petrapark3r and ScruffyMutt debate God's existance

  • @unholyshrine said in petrapark3r and ScruffyMutt debate God's existance:

    We are a human, it is better to just accept that we have an unbreakable absolute limit of knowing the total universe. (unless if you are an entity that could be transcedent and immanent paradoxically in the same time, therefore you are more than human, or maybe you aren't human). sorry 4 bad grammar,

    Incidentelly christians believe that the soul is of transcendent nature, that it can indeed be close to God. However since knowing God in a rational sense is indeed not possible I do not disagree with you about accepting that there are things that cannot be known.

    This is a part of my personal believe even. I believe that the fact, that God does not reveal Himself in a way that we could directly see him is due to free will. He believes in us, to make the right decision, He does not take our freedom from us. And thus he also wants to be believed in, trusted in. He doesn't show Himself in the most direct way, because then He would take our freedom away.

    Christians also believe, that sin makes us blind. In other words it is not simply that God does not show Himself, it is rather that the evil we do makes us not see Him. And I have made that experience countless times in my life, that I did something that I knew to be bad, and almost immediatly I fell blind to it, and repeated many times, until I "woke up" again.

    I think this is a deeply psychological thing too. I mean every Mafia Boss rationalizes what he does by saying that he's doing something good for the community by organizing crime, instead of a disorganized set of thieves and rivaling groups. Evil is a really fascinating thing in the end.

  • Soul Searchers

    Glad that you enjoyed them. It's always nice to know that you were able to give someone something that they didn't know they were missing.

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