• @ninja-boy living with family is more meaningful and warm.
    You will die one day. If you have higher goal you can fulfill with family also.

  • @ninja-boy here's my take on this topic; living alone has both advantages and disadvantages; it will also depend on the age and health status of the subject/s. some elderly people, for their own sanity will prefer to live alone just to have their peace away from people whose lifestyle and principles run counter to theirs. Older people are, in my opinion, more organised love to keep their place in a tidy manner unlike younger folks; living with others, especially the younger generation can directly conflict with this position. If however, seniors cannot manage their affairs on their own; or they are incapacitated in some way, it would be wise to have them cohabitate with others where they can be monitored, and at the same time, being cared for.

  • @ninja-boy living with my family I get on really well with them

  • @ninja-boy u cannot generalize it. Everyone nature's is different and it depends on the type of person

  • As per one's age, physical fitness and surrounding conditions living alone is best but not all get such a luck in life.