• Today we live in a world where people are cold and callous, and have no love or regards for our senior citizens who would have made their contributions to society. We owe many of them for the knowledge we are outfitted with today; who we are is because of who they were yesterday. They were our teachers, nurses, doctors, mentors, psychiatrist, psychologist, mother's, fathers and so much more, yet as they glide into their sunset years, they are sometimes pushed into a corner of oblivion as if they are a burnden are worthless. Many of them would have mustered tremendous wealth during their productive years which would eventually be passed on to a child or a relative, still, they are disposed in the most heartless of manner. It is my belief that people need more love in their hearts. This will propel them to love and care for their older relative regardless of the situation. Even if they chose to live alone, they must not be neglected in any way. They must have regular visits, taken out for walks and other social activities with their peers so they can participate in activities that will keep them happy. focus must also be on a healthy diet so as to preserve their health. None should play God and decide when it is their time to depart this earth or contribute in any way to their early demise.

  • I respect my parents because of the love I have for them. They have been giving everything to me and looking after me so well. I have learned from how my parents care for my grandparents to maintain them healthy until their last breathe. I think the seniors don't need much more than our affection. We will also get old, so it's good for us to understand our own future.

  • losing my wife was the worst thing that ever happened to me ...the pain is always worst when you i that i will never see her again in this life again ..
    please i need a friend who will be with before i lose it all ..

  • @Bossjames I'm sorry for your loss...
    In your case, having a real life friend is better than that of an online friend.