• What is the point even if it is about survival still it's too twisted up for a person to come out of this and still keep his sanity. The society which we see is just bunch of people running behind things because it's trendy like social networking sites, clothes, shoes , music, yoga, meditation just because it's trendy. Aren't we becoming a product from the same factory. I wouldn't blame globalism because at least it's unifying us. But making us a clone is just ridiculous. And the trends are making us one from the outside but what about the emotion we feel when we keep ourselves in a way society wants us to be the restraints we face from within they are making us torn apart from within. People dying out of hunger when we have more than enough on our plate...isn't this a prime example of how pathetic commercialism is making us. The workers working in offices dying from paperwork after paperwork are they even getting tiny percentage of satisfaction out of something they build up. Isn't this is becoming as if the spider is slowly getting trapped in his own meshwork.
    There are lots of hole in this society that it would be comedy to keep mending it

  • I second all of that.

  • @the-infinity I feel every decibel of your despairing howl, bro. And like you, I don't particularly blame globalization. As someone who proports to have communist values, it would be disingenuous for me to slag off international trade, as Marx aspired to a utopian ideal of international borders falling away under socialism. The trouble is, I don't think even he could have imagined the type of weird, hole-ridden false economy we're currently living with.

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