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  • My philosophy on travel:
    There are different types and reasons for ‘travel’. There are Refugees, Nomads and Tourists. Now assuming that here we are talking about the ‘Tourist’ category, lets examine the reasons/purpose of their travel. The Tourist can travel for ‘Touring’- which can be either leisure or business, ‘Studying’- which basically doesn’t count as travelling but yeah... you still travel so yippee et all.

    Also, travelling can either be Domestic or International. Domestic travelling is fun if the culture is varied and there are many places to visit, which apparently there is in most of the countries. But if you ask anyone, they would mostly prefer an international travel and see the world. I’m one of ‘em. My infatuation is basically with the places where some significant related to WW2 took place and I’m sure everyone’s preference is something peculiar. Just get the VISA and travel the world. Constant adventures, New experiences, Language barrier not restricting the movement, Deeper secrets, Lost ways, and then some. Travelling is a bliss, one worth risking everything for.

  • @cjko I think it’s something everyone should be able to do, experiencing a different culture is so enlightening. It’s a shame that we can’t all travel around this world freely as a wish.

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    @cjko For me, travel is a rebellion in its purest form, as I travel I am really speechless of the insights I am learning that turns me afterwards into a storyteller.. Just sadly all my ventures are around PH only, but still okay..

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    Ready for a wall of text? Well, here's what i think:

    There are those who travel too many times a year, visit different destinations and return home with a collection of photographs that, in many cases, do not even remember where they were taken. Knowing other places, far or near our homes is a pleasure that we must allow ourselves at some point in our lives, however, travel is another thing that goes beyond the simple fact of having a good time.

    In the fifties, after the disenchantment caused by the false idea of post-war prosperity, young people looked for alternative ways to achieve the welfare they had been promised and, even so, they could not obtain it; so, knowing that happiness was not going to be found in the material, they chose to explore new ways to obtain it.

    Those who, after this discontent, tried to find alternative ways to satisfy their internal needs, found in the trip a possibility to fill the emptiness generated by the rhythm of life that their parents forced them to follow. This philosophy and this desire to live were portrayed in Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road, a book in which he captured the experiences obtained on his road trips with Neal Cassady, experiences that undoubtedly marked a before and after in Jack's writing.

    Today, thanks to the large number of agencies and our foolishness of wanting to "eat the world" at all costs, we have turned travel into something banal; whatever the reason for our excursion, it rarely responds to an impulse beyond being in a different place; we confuse the concept of traveler with that of tourist. In theory, the first responds to the biological need to move in search of a paradigm shift, new experiences that allow you to broaden your view of the world and in turn demonstrate that you are just a very small part of it, the second moves to other places for the simple pleasure of knowing them, in reality there is no real motivation, he simply goes somewhere because someone told him it was beautiful.

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    My travel philosophy is simple: wherever you are, be there.

    That means stay away from travel groups, stay off of tour buses (except as a half-day whisk around town, just to get familiar with the lay of the land), stay away from the places that tourists visit, take pictures of (ugh), eat, sleep, and hang out.

    Be where you are. Walk quietly through residential neighborhoods, markets, industrial areas, harbors, observing what local people do and how they interact. Behave modestly, greet people respectfully, talk softly, ask all the questions you want to ask; if you are courteous and not pushy, anyone will delight in speaking with you, if they have the time. Find out how everything works and is done, and why it works or is done that way.

    And judge not, lest you be judged. Assume that things are done as they are for extremely good reasons. Your not understanding those reasons is your flaw, not theirs. Learn what those reasons are and internalize them. Add everyone else’s way of thinking to your own.

    Only after all of this can you even think of claiming that travel was worthwhile for you. Anything less is just - um - jacking off with a passport in the other hand.

  • @Bela-Hella having an opportunity to travel around PH is already a blessing. :)
    Not everyone can travel tho, you should still be thankful. Hmm, yeah sharing your experiences from the places you've travelled is a fun way to release all the excitements that you still got havinf a vacay

  • @TheGoldenMole I wish to have a free ticket to everywhere hahaha

  • @cjko and you should! But we live in a fucked up human run world ://

  • @TheGoldenMole true. Reality check : money can fuel you to trvel around the world lol

  • @cjko only if you have enough, even then lies a lot of dangers. It would be difficult to get to North Korea or Antarctica

  • @TheGoldenMole hahaha yeah, absolutely

  • @Wolfie_11 hmm yeah, you're right.
    Well, you can always learn something new when you travel, almost everything about that new place you are in. There are new people to talk with or interact with, new foods to taste, drinks and other exotic foods that are important to that place to partake, new views and things to look, visit and learn its history and meanings, etc.

  • @cjko
    Indeed. Different drinks to try too :)
    There is always that one deep place in your heart where you want to travel.. The journey to that destination itself feels like a satisfying achievement. The experiences that follow are just the adventure and thrill that the life is worth living for.

  • @Wolfie_11 yeah haha but I'm not a "drinker" lol
    Hmm, sometimes there is a place which you consider to visit again and again. It feels like home whrn you're there.. it kinda have a connection with your soul already :)

  • @hot20yogirl hahah I think you just posted in a wrong user's topic hahaha

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    @cjko yes :)

  • @Mr-Ghost haha yeah, your post covered my wall. Lol
    I appreciate your thoughts about this, you're right about going to such places because someone told it's a nice spot, and about the intangible rewards you acquire from travelling. We, humans are absolutely like tiny dot on this planet. There's more to explore , I agree.The experiences you encounter on travels will fill your soul in a most weird way. :)

  • @Saloniii hahah I like your philosophy Sal. :)
    That is actually essential in times of this, the things and behavior you mentioned must be done whenever you are.In a nutshell, respect everything and everyone around you during travel. :)

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    @cjko traveling is not always fun 🤣

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