• Recently, a few of the users had a random joking conversation on Pub Chat regarding making a movie on us being Necrophiles. It basically means that we joked about having intercourse with the dead body. (Stop your Eww’s)

    After the conversation which ended on fun-note, I wondered about the true instances of Necrophilia. And I googled. Found a list of a few famous necrophiles but the one event that captured my eye was the: Nanjing Massacre. Now its fair to say that where there was war, there has been brutalism. But the history is being written by victors and the victors have presented a brutal picture of Nanjing. The women being treated like pigs.. The various foreign objects being inserted up their private parts and stuff. I sometimes think that we make these jokes on Women Safety too lightly and casually without even remembering the brutalities that they’ve faced. The WW2 presented a lot of such instances as well, as did any wars anywhere in any era.

    However, coming back to the topic.. I found this story interesting. I knew about it before, but only in brief. But that discussion gave me an opportunity to look at this event in detail. So has there been any story, real or fictional, that you’ve come to know of recently and have been mesmerised by it?

  • Ah @Wolfie_11, you know how to bait a serious answer from me, duncha? Check out 'An Unlikely Prophet' by Alvin Schwartz. He was a golden age comics writer who got interested in mysticism, and thereafter started seeing his very own Superman tulpa (that is, a super-real hallucination that apparently had a mind of its own - think the old Seinfeld / Superman advert BUT FOR REAL).

    There's something about comic characters being seen in the real world. Alan Moore tells a good story about how he once saw John Constantine in a street in Northampton. Nuts, huh? But I've yet to meet my own creation: Akachi Szechuan the squirrel drug dealer.

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    I haven't read stories lately, I'd like to, but I wouldn't know which one.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Well, baiting the stories out of you was the plan, mate.. ‘coz you tell some of the best of ‘em. And you didn’t disappoint.

    I learned and researched upon the concept of ‘Tulpa’ and Alan Moore’s encounter with John Constantine. The detailed synopsis of ‘An Unlikely Prophet’ indeed presents a unique picture and is an intriguing way of writing an auto-biography by putting emphasis on a particular event in life. Though, that event is what he has believed in all through his life.

    I personally believe that once you indulge yourself too much in a particular way of thinking, then its quite normal for you to hallucinate things which are in accordance with your thinking. The instances of the ‘writers’ or ‘thinkers’/‘followers’ actually experiencing their ‘beloved characters’ for real are present all over the internet. It doesn’t always mean that they’re hallucinating or have gone mad, its just un-typical and non-stereotypical and hence, different and hard to believe.

  • @Wolfie_11 I'm reading a book named Holes written by Louis Sanchar. It's a pretty good book...at least for a person who doesn't like reading a lot :joy: But yeah...I'm enjoying this book a lot....I don't wanna write a lot so I'm not gonna describe the book.

  • @Wolfie_11 I'm currently reading a book titled Small Island by Andrea Levy
    It's based on a Jamacan man and his family. Gilbert (the Jamacan guy) was drafted into the RAF in WW2 to asist the fight against Hitler. Post war he and many other Jamacan's were granted status as British residents.
    The story is a post war depiction of life in London for this family looking into war, love, prejudice and the British Empire.
    I'm not to far in to the book, but thus far an interesting read.
    I would not normally go for this type of book (except I fell in love with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, based on a similar time frame in our hisotry) but it was given to me by a friend.
    She said to me, "This is one of my most pized and treasured reads."

  • @Mr-Ghost
    I think every story is worth reading. If its good, you’ve an experience of a lifetime and if its not that good, you would have acquired some quotes, vocabulory or phrases.

    P.S.- Your personal life story so far would be a good way to start. Just close your eyes and let the memories flow. Your story will be unleashed!

  • @DayShifter
    THE BOOK THIEF. Oh boy, that was a masterpiece, wasn’t it? A beautiful balance of war, love, care, escapes, co-incidences and what not. Can’t ever un-fall in love with that.
    Also I love the stories depicted in books and movies related to WW2 and hence I’m very intrigued to check the ‘Small Island’. I hope it is good!

  • @Darkkk
    Just checked on the synopsis of that book. Oh boy, that is quite a complicated book that you’ve chooses. And if a non-avid reader like you is engrossed in it, then might surely be worth checking out. The storyline seems interesting specially given the fact that it touches on various aspects of life. Should be good!

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