Might be it sound silly to ask "Why Sun Never drop to bottom of universe or any planet"? Anything that makes you brainstorm? (Read it until it's End)

  • Well, Before I start I like to have brief discussion.

    1. every galaxy has centroid called Super-star planet over which planets revolution.

    2. Therefore forces experienced by centroid planet is equally distributed on revolving planets or have equal effects.

    3. Every galaxy has very slow motion with respect to time (For humans it's like galaxy have fixed position).
      Speed (change in position for galaxy) =~(similar) to zero but not equal to zero.

    4. Let us assume universe is an atom, therefore we can say every galaxy may have same(++ or --) change or may have different (+- or -+)charge.

    5. If planets have Charges then they have attraction and repulsion force too.

    6. Now you all be thinking why I am telling these thing, because if you understand above points then you may able to understand the universal science.

    7. We all know that there is a bed (bed is shape which is invisible to see and has no mass, an inverse of a cone shaped like structure) which hold all planets in a galaxy. Like hands holding balloons.

    Here, come a question? How bed is formed around the galaxy and why it is invisible ?
    According to scientist it is called as dark matter which is unsolved theory.

    According to me,
    dark matter is noting but a repulsion force which is formed because of same kind of charge present on planets or in galaxies.

    They all get sorted arranged(one over another one) on their mass and kind of charge relative to other galaxies mass and charge quantity. So, the sun never get drop to bottom of universe even in billion billion trillion years(This time period at most time span which is required for the collision of two or more galaxy from current time).

    This prediction solved may solve many unsolved question and generate new question?
    like Does Aliens can live on a planet which contain different charge? if yes are they able to move on it.
    Hint: Example moon and human relation.

    Please share you thoughts too?Wha does you all think

  • Thanks.... for your replay.....I made a lot of assumptions but you proved me wrong....but This universe has a lot of myth and no one knows is it true or not...Therefore I got little chance to prove my assumption. So, I will try.

  • @Himanshu_agarwal I have thought about this before and I have accumulated my own theory. Haha :D it sounds weird though, for me.. it seems like we're a bacteria living in a human body (giant) , we scatter , we reproduce , we die, we are monitored. The sun is like a light from a huge room , there is something or someone who make sure we're moving and reproducing. I dunno really why I've thought of something like this..