• Near my house there is a pedophile, he is gypsy, i was afraid after I told the police, he will try to harm my family. What can i do ? What really safe way ? PLEASE HELP ME !!

  • Arm yourself when leaving the house. Have your weapons at an arms reach in case he will break into your house.
    Such humans are unpredictable and extremely resilient when it comes to reaching their goal. And that is you.
    Be prepared.
    Call the authorities whenever you notice something suspicious.
    Keep us informed.

  • tell ur parents first, they can do something.

  • @Kana-Hiiragi

    He can't and he won't do anything to your parents! People like him try to get their pray by telling them lies to control them.
    The best thing you can do is tell your parents about it, avoid walking around alone and above all, do NOT do anything ON YOUR OWN.