• Hi, i've been in a 10yrs relationship and recently got to know my bf is dating another girl same time. They made 8months togetherness and the one who is being disregarded is me. He claimed to love me but love the other girl at the same time. He is confused to stay with whom. I need advice. I love him so much.

  • I'm sorry to hear about this.. well, be thankful for the ended chapter of your life with him. Don't settle for less than you deserve. A guy like that who's emotionally challenged should be taken out of your life. I hate people doing like that, like why can't tell honestly that you're already falling out of love than cheat? I admire his conscience sarcastically. I dunno why people can do things like that without guilt. Think of the emotional, spiritual and mental damages you might cause someone for doing that.. it's really unfair. Well, everything happens for a reason and things like thse are blessings in disguise sometimes. It's okay to break up with him and leave all those memories you two both have invested for 10 years than suffer later in life. Don't give up ! Let go of the negativity and navigate the goodvibes.the right one will come along when you least expect them.. 🙂 have time for yourself and continue to love still. Have a nice day! 🙂

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    @brokenmind You love him, but you deserve someone who loves YOU. Just you. He is not confused, he's just trying to get both of you, show him whos boss and ditch his sorry a s s. In all seriousness i understand how this may hurt but ask yourself one simple question:
    Dont you deserve more?
    (you do.) ❤

  • Not my place but I think and this is just an opinion he has chosen who he wants you as a woman should show you dont need him. Go out and live and you dont need no man to tell you other wise. If it were me I'd leave his ass smh 😪☹😒

  • @brokenmind

    Dont settle for being a second choice or an option. That's not healthy... I get that it might sound better to stay and hold on to what u have but won't it destroy you knowing he is leading a double life?
    If someone really loves you they will choose you , no matter what

  • Get a hearing aid

  • @cjko thnx loads buddy u really inpire me...hes not worth for me...let him go n i shall go wiz the flow..

  • @brokenmind said in Hearbroken completely:

    @cjko thnx loads buddy u really inpire me...hes not worth for me...let him go n i shall go wiz the flow..

    You're welcome! Hey! You deserve better than this. Know your worth.. there's still a lot of fishes in the sea. Just be cautious who you let in into your life. Be vigilant enough to guard your heart from the mistakes you have done before.. be wise. Good luck 🙂

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