Cute things to say to your girlfriend - 20 things you can talk about with her

  • Cupid takes all the credit for no reason. It’s not that diaper-clad winged babe who makes relationships work. It’s words that do the magic. And hormones, of course. But while you cannot tell someone’s hormones to maintain love, you can use words.

    Words are like magic. They can make or break a relationship. But what do you do when the butterflies keep humming in your stomach while your tongue is too lazy to concoct a lovey-dovey line? You use the internet and figure out some cute things to say to your girlfriend to keep her hooked. Duh.

    You see, it’s only normal to run out of things to talk about with your partner. And girls, you know, they don’t understand that. You could buy them a palace, prove your love by cutting your wrist, but they’ll still respond with a “say something, please.”

    So, let’s make things easier for you and tell you what to talk about with your girlfriend when your word bank has emptied.

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    1. Tell her how beautiful she is

    According to a study, receiving compliments and cash both trigger the same area of the brain. This is enough reason for you to shower your girlfriend with praises. Tell her how beautiful she is. Don’t just praise her beauty in general, tell her how you like the flutter of her eyelashes. Or how pretty her smile is. She’d be ecstatic to know that you notice such details!

    2. Praise her personality

    Don’t just use your compliment game for her looks. She might think your love is shallow. Along with praising her looks also compliment her intelligence, her courage, determination or another such quality. Don’t take praising too far and make up lies. You don’t want to sound ingenuine. Keep it subtle and slide in compliments in between talks. So, chapter 1 of cute things to say to a girl you like covers how you can flatter her.

    3. Talk about your secrets

    Build an emotional connection with your girlfriend. Talk about your past, the things that made you happy and those that bothered you. Such conversations often win at bringing people closer. Allow her to share her part too. Some of the nice things to say to a girl include comforting words if she is sad and words that show how invested you are her happiness.

    4. Converse about your memories with her

    You and your girlfriend surely must have a lot of memories to reminisce about. You can bring those old memories back to the surface. Even if you have only started dating and hardly have anything to look back on, you can talk about how it felt when you had a crush on her. Or how she impressed you when you had only just started to get to know her. Tell her how the moment your eyes landed on her, you were spellbound. That definitely is one of the most romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

    5. Appreciate her for being there for you

    When you appreciate people for even the littlest things they do for you, they tend to get closer to you. So, if you’re wondering what some nice things to say to your girlfriend are, know that these include appreciative words. Tell her how grateful for her support, companionship, and efforts you are. There’s a reason thank you is one of the golden words.

    6. Talk about the future you see with her

    Women love it when their men tell them that they see them together in the future. If you’re wondering about what sweet things to say to your girlfriend, you can tell her that you’re excited for being with her every day. Tell her that you can’t wait to make her your forever. But wait right there if you are unsure about that! Don’t saunter into the ‘future’ territory unless you’re as sure of your decision as you can be.

    7. Discuss her passions and goals

    Put your lady in a comfortable space where she does not fear discussing her aspirations with you. Nudge her to feel free to discuss what she wants to be. Say supportive things. Also, talk about yourself. A truly supportive woman would be happy to know about your goals and dreams. Of course, only as long as you don’t talk too much about the same thing.

    8. Talk about her favorite movies

    Whether or not you and your girlfriend both like the same movies and TV shows, you can always discuss them with her. Talk about why she likes a particular genre. Ask her which series is her favorite? Not only will you get to know her better, but you can also pick romantic quotes from her favorite romcoms and include those to your list of cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday. She’s going to love you more when she notices the effort you put in to get closer to her.

    9. Toss in some humor

    Psychology says that women are attracted to a man’s sense of humor. In fact, let’s be honest, sense of humor is attractive regardless of which gender it is coming from. So, if you want to make your relationship with your girl stronger, consider adding some funny jokes in your conversation. But, make sure your joke is actually funny and not offensive.

    10. Discuss your next trip

    If you have not already gone on a vacation with your girlfriend, you should consider planning a trip soon. Traveling together will be a great experience for you both. You can discuss this trip’s plans with your girl. If you’re pondering what cute things to say to your girlfriend in this regard, know that you can tell her that your travel plan would be incomplete without her. Tell her how her being with you would make the whole vacation a whole lot better. Girls love sweet talk.

    11. Tell her how she means the world to you

    Another one of the cute things to say to your girlfriend is to tell her that she means the world to you. Express how much you love her. Keeping your feelings in and expecting her to just know that you love her will only make you both drift apart. You can tell her how without her, you’d feel lost. Or keep it simple and say your I-love-yous often.

    12. Express how much you miss her

    When you both are not around each other, you can stay in touch with her and tell her how much you miss her. That said, some cute things to say to your girlfriend over text include messages explaining how it gets boring without her, how you wish she was with you, and how much you would rather be with her in that moment. After all, who doesn’t love being valued?

    13. Discuss your views

    You can also discuss your views with your girlfriend. Talk about religion and politics. Talk about your general views on current trending topics. Know about her views as well. This way, you both will get to know each other better. Then you can also slip in some sweet things to say to a girl mid-conversation such as how you think your views match or how you value her opinions to win her heart.

    14. Converse about random people

    You can also talk about random people and random things when you hang out with your girl. To keep her interested, you can talk about cute things that might interest her such as cats, dogs, ice-creams, whatever that you know she’d find amusing. You can also talk about random experiences such as a recent happening at work or another such story.

    15. Offer to help her with something

    Is she doing something like working on a paper, a project or just about anything that might interest you? Offer her a helping hand. This would increase her interest in you. Nice things to a say to a girl while offering her help include telling her that while she can do it herself, you’d love to do it with her or for her. Doing things together will definitely strengthen your bond.

    16. Get flirty with her

    Who does not enjoy a wee bit of flirting? In this regard, romantic things to say to your girlfriend include telling her how stunning she is. You can also dedicate love songs to her. If you don’t sound awful, serenade her with her favorite song. You don’t have to be serious when singing. What’s more, you can use love words for your girlfriend. If you not good at flirting, learn how to flirt with a girl.

    17. Talk about dinner plans

    Tell your girlfriend that you want to have more dates with her. She’s sure to appreciate that you like being with her. If you are looking for something sweet to say to your girlfriend, you can tell her that you would like to cook dinner for her. You can arrange a lavish date and make her feel like a queen. This is sure to win you extra points. Talking about food, you both can discuss your favorite cuisines and relive the best dates you have shared.

    18. Discuss childhood memories

    Cute things for your girlfriend to make her love you more include discussing childhood memories. You can both discuss stories from when you were kids. You can tell her how you find her childhood sweet and that you would like to know more about her. Talking about her younger self will also allow you to learn more about her.

    19. Converse about your mutual interests

    Looking for answers to what to talk about with your girlfriend? Talk about your mutual interests. Are you both interested in books or movies? Perhaps poetry or fitness? If you two share any mutual interests, talking about them can strengthen your connection. You can tell her how interesting you find her hobbies. If you she has any talents such as sketching or making music, you can tell her how those make her unique and stand out.

    20. Just listen to her

    Rather than wondering about things to tell your girlfriend, you can listen to her. When she talks pay attention, don’t just wander off into la-la land. Most women are good at talking so she’d also probably have a lot to say. Make sure that you don’t just listen like a robot but also have something to add to the conversation. Avoid using an uninterested hmm.

    Before putting a full stop to this list, let’s also tell you what you should avoid doing when talking to your girlfriend. Because when you think about what to say to your girlfriend, you should also ponder over what not to say to her. First off, avoid clichés.

    These include lines like I can’t live without you. Also, don’t use phrases directly ripped off the web. It might make her feel that you think she’s too dumb to figure out that you took that line off the internet. If not that, she’ll just think that you are too dumb to think up your own line. Don’t lie to her. If you are just looking for nice things to say to a girl to get attention rather than actually meaning what you’re saying, that’s just plain uncool. Plus, she’s eventually going to sense that you are not serious.

    Last but not the least, don’t go too fast if she wants you to go slow. Pulling out an I love you like Romeo loved Juliet on a girl who clearly wants you to take things slowly will creep her out. And of course, you’ll also be stomping on your own foot by ruining your chances with her. In short, make her feel special but stay genuine.

    Still confused as to what to talk about with your girlfriend? Discuss ideas with strangers online.

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