• I was in my van, reversing out of the driveway when I heard this loud Thump! from the back of the vehicle.
    Wondering what it was I checked the side view mirror and to my horror saw a pair of legs laying behind the van, into the side view.
    So I jumped out of the van and ran to see what had happened....
    Right the in front of me was this old boy laid out on the floor and he was waving his has over his body, as you do in Church.
    I asked him if he was alright, but he didn't answer kept on waving his hands over his body.
    So I asked did he need an Ambulance?? ... Still no answer, and still the same action's
    So I then asked him if he was Catholic? and told him that there was no need to prey since he's still alive...
    He said to me, *I'm not Catholic, I'm checking me Spectacles, Testicle's, Me Wallet and Me Watch

    0_1538152049564_Sign Of The Cross.gif

  • @shaun-durwin is this for real? 😂

  • Banned

    @DayShifter that may have been funny but I think he really was checking out his important "things", Lol. Did he not offer to pay for the dent in your van? typical!!!.