So i had a weird dream last night.. Tell me one of yours.

  • I was in like a house party, with some people i didnt know, yet in the dream we were like family, and suddenly my beautiful teeth broke, i closed my mouth and went straight to the bathroom and looked at the mirror, and noticed my teeth were broken, as i was spitting teeth out of my mouth, i noticed my teeth we looking different yet looked good, went back out of the bathroom and went to this black guy, looked like Bill Cosby and said " dude look, my teeth broke, but they look good this way dont you think?" and he was like " damn, son they broke but u look good tho". it felt like he was my father or something? i was black in the dream? i dont know, this was a weird one i think.
    anyways just wasted some of your time reading this shit, propably from 2 - 5 minutes, depending on your reading skills.
    You should share one of your weird dreams.

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