• Life on the phenomenal planet Earth is what makes it what it is today. If anything was to go too wrong with the ecology, we may all go extinct very quickly. The Bumblebee is said to be responsible for the pollinisation of 90% of all plants and that is responsible for the entire food chain of certain life forms that will have a devastating impact on the human race if there were no bumblebees at all and the human race may be responsible for 90% of that. (The ironic yet horrific status quo is not only the direct result of corporative greed, - it is the result of a culture of many nations of spoiled individuals that seek the comfort of certain technologies, products, materials and even ingredients.)

    Modern mistakes are irrelevant to the building blocks of life. Even if the human race tried to wipe out all life on Earth, the scale of global warming and pollution necessary to do it will have wiped out the human race long before it gets done. This is because life on Earth is no stranger to hot temperatures. Such heat will, in theory, only hand the world over to the surviving reptiles and to many years of this will without a shadow of a doubt (In my mind anyway.) Kick-start the return of the dinosaurs and maybe even dragons too. In fact it will hand the world over to the ocean. When the human race meets it's demise, all of the bad things will be undone by the atmosphere. The human race will not be around long enough to do too much damage. There is only so much CO2 it can produce and natural habitat it can deforest in that amount of time and any man made products in the ocean will degrade over time.

    RNA and DNA created the cells in all the organisms on Earth. It did not ask. It just took. It has happened before. Who will be around to stop it happening again?

  • @AuroraFan
    The real question is: How i can accelerate the erasure of all humans?

  • @Karina-Kara I can certainly see where you're coming from lol

  • Yeah but where did rna come from?

  • @Rayse said in Man's Creation VS Man Made Extinction:

    where did rna come from

    That is a good question and the answer will only prompt more questions. What I do know is that every answer can be a holy topic.

  • Will the dragons have large talons?

  • @Indrid-Cold said in Man's Creation VS Man Made Extinction:


    They may have talons. Will they breath fire?

  • We may be able to neutralize the dragons by firing Gaviscon heartburn remedy into their mouths using a giant fire hose.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    That reminds me of about the movie "Evolution".
    But instead of that, they used Head & Shoulders ®.

  • alt text

  • @Karina-Kara said in Man's Creation VS Man Made Extinction:

    That reminds me of about the movie "Evolution".
    But instead of that, they used Head & Shoulders

    Grrr. Don't talk to be about that movie. I ordered the DVD 'Evolution' from CEX, the recent one about the little Indian boy who finds a corpse in the sea and no one in his matriarchal society believes him...

    ...and they sent me that 'Evolution' the comedy about monsters with Seann William Scott. Bloody CEX (I still love it).

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