What's the difference between a wise man and a fool?

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    Not sure if any one has shared this quote already because there are so many answers but my favourite line related to this question is:

    “A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something.”

    In my own personal opinion though, the line between the two is really blurred. What does it mean to be wise?

    I’d argue that some “fools” are actually the wisest people among us because they’ve learnt to live simply. Enjoy life for what is it. I tried to capture this version of a “fool” in a poem a few years ago:

    Whats your suggestion.?? eh :)

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    @maverick832 I’d say that both could be of equal knowledge. However, they do execute how the knowledge is used. A wise man would use his knowledge to help a situation/others/ etc. a fool may very well leave the plethora of information unused or use it in incorrect ways/ situations. Wisdom is often mistaken for knowledge. When reality is that they are indeed different things. Hope this helped lol :)

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    @willoww Hope this helped. To others :)

  • what if a wise man does something foolish, would he be called a fool?
    what if a fool feels poorly for his choices and starts acting contrary to his own foolish judgments and does something wise?
    well i guess everyone make mistakes every now and then, although a fool might not know the extent of damage done by his foolish mistakes and they might not be even of a high scale. The wise man on the other hand being overly cautious might make a foolish mistake and due to his wisdom and cleverness cause a much bigger chain reaction.

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    @girlnextdoor well thanks :)

  • The one who thinks there actually is any difference is a FOOL.

  • @willoww I love your responses.

  • if someone asks for advice from an experienced person and acts on it, he is a wise man. A fool on the other hand will ask for advice from experienced people but still act contrary to it thinking himself to be the wiser =)

  • @maverick832 that's a really good one

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