Does God Exists? Do you believe in God?

  • Just wondering what strangers think about God existence? Because I feel everything on this planet has a creator.

  • I don't think there's a God, but I do believe there's something that has the power to rule the path of our lifes, besides ourselfes.
    I believe in people, I believe in knowledge, I believe in love. Everything that's related to mankind, I believe because I can see it, I can touch it, I can even smell it.

    But god... I don't believe in a perfect god, I don't believe he made this for us to live. He didn't just showed up and made the earth with a compass, and the planet's orbits with strings attatched to each other. I believe in universal laws.
    But the existence of all this gets me intriguing. I mean, everyone would say that.

  • You are right...!
    There is no creation without creator...!

  • Yes, I believe so. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. We had to have a creator, the entirety of this universe was created.

  • @sony-puthussery if there is creation so there is creator also very easy...

  • I think this is a key verse which should point us to drawing the answer for the question you pose. I think almost everyone knows it is true but our human nature wants to deny it so we can see things as we want, not as God desired.

    "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Romans 1:20

  • No i cannot believe in supernatural answers, I cannot say a God did it because I don't have a answer to a question. Is it hard to think about yes. So my answer is I don't know .I will not jump to a God did it .Your an Atheist to all the gods in the past you just believe in one more than I do .If you were born somewhere else what God would you like .you in the religion you in probably because of family and friends .

  • Music Lovers

    @sarah yeah , i do believe in god , god is everywhere , yeah god has created this world , god is a positive energy present everywhere , whenever we are in a problem god is always there for us . i am damn sure that god exists even if have never seen him , but i have experienced his presence many times .

  • Personally, no, I do not believe in god. Wether it has anything to do with my past or the fact that he could just be some drunk mans ramblings from over a thousand years ago, I don't know. Personally, I hate most religion, but I respect that a lot of people believe a lot of things and I'm not ever going to belittle their beliefs or my own, I just simply am dissapointed. I'm disappointed with the fact that in every single religion, the first rule your taught is not love one another, to treat each other like equals, to be kind and careful, yet when it comes to each other's opinions in religion, people hurt and mame and abuse each other in the name of their god and claim it righteous. I find that disgusting and hypocritical. But that's just my opinion.

  • @sony-puthussery who is capable of such deep philosophy then.. I told him in beans are the best Creatures on the planet

  • @sarah there can be and cannot be, I think, human brain is not capable of such deep philosophy

  • capbale of containing^

  • @attaullah-abdulrrahman-mosafir my brain can't understand that big things... maybe or may not... I dont know, but what I know is, it is definititely not allah or jesus or such bullshits

  • @sony-puthussery may I simply and respectfully ask how you know this without a doubt?

  • yea i Do

  • Who you mean in ''strangers'' and in ''creators''? how you'll explain the natural processes here which happands even so indipendently some even without an explanation of the science?

  • he's as real as your conscious is...
    everything you are, everything you were or will ever be, is all your thoughts.
    i hope you don't confuse god with religion. God has always been there, whereas religion for me is nothing but human race's biggest and to date most successful invention.
    as for your question, yes, i do believe in god,a higher power, there has to be.
    but i don't believe he/she tends to control every single one of us or our thoughts (this ideology makes it too easy for us humans to blame everything on god).

  • There certainly is a creator and it's deeper then most would ever be able to comprehend . Studied a lot about this subject as it leads down so many roads in various teachings . God our father is truly amazing even the angels when he created them they have free will which allowed them a choice

  • @sarah god is love and hes there when your sad and the chills you experience is him healing you

  • There are two possibilities of course; either he exists or not, and both of them are not that good... since you asked direct question, I believe I should answer direct answer as well, but concerning this topic, it can be a little bit hard... there are not enough evidences that he exists or not, so we should leave it for the two possibilities, but if you ask if God exists in the shape of any religion puts it, then I highly disagree with that; if he exists, He wouldn't be so stupid to take a part of humans over the rest... So, not religious, but not so sure whether he does exists or not....

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