• If your all wondering what’s wrong with me then I’ll tell you all…I’m done lying and I just want to be honest everything in my life has been shit all of it and I’ve been just taking out my anger on all of you (my friends on here) and I’m sorry okay and I’m really sorry to boots my best brother he has been there for me and I’m sorry to mitch as well cuz ever since I’ve meet him he’s has been there since I’d had my problems and of there anything they have taught me is forgive everything and everyone I’ve been a real bitch and all that……I’ve been here and there with my problems,…now I’m they real good girl I was before I came on here and……I need a girl help also I’m starting to act like a boi and I need help 😣😣 but maybe I can handle being a boy and a girl now I’m confused with my sexuality 😂😂

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    @psycho_cute me is a girl. Tell me what help do you need?

  • Soul Searchers

    @PSYCHO_CUTE It's a danger around you
    *. Stay safe!

    • 😑😑

  • @psycho_cute Things eventually do get better, its important to stay positive and not get caught in a circle of negative thoughts which will make you think that something is wrong with you. We all sometimes act or behave "in a wrong way", its just a part of our nature, nobody is perfect.

  • @psycho_cute This is going to sound weird but i’m Also confused with my sexuality, and when someone assumes i’m A girl, I let them, but I feel uncomfortable inside because I wonder if I should just say i’m A girl

  • @psycho_cute I’m just glad you’re ok and that nothing bad happened to you....I’m not mad or disappointed but relieved that it was just a lie and nothing serious to be panicking about. We’re here for you katt if you ever need. Be it wanting someone to vent to or talk to about problems(and I know I’m being a hypocrite saying these things as I never really discuss when I get problems in my life but still) we’re here if ever needed.. I hope this worrying event never has to repeat not only for your cause and safety but a lot of the people’s worries they have for you. We care katt if you’re ok or not.

    Personally glad to have you back and see that you’re ok and whatever troubles go through your life I hope you’ll go to someone for help

  • Um..we can chat if u need help.

  • @rendezvous u a Lady White walker?

  • @psycho_cute We would all love to help you, if you want us too.

  • Guess what? Guys .... my drinking problem become more and more bad and I’m in grade 10 and it’s tough on me and well I don’t think I can take it....I never can I just wanna hand my self or shoot my self....it’s easy just ask my friend who did.....I don’t wanna be here....no one cares that all that goes in my head....I think it’s best if I leave....

  • @Rebel_Cute Grade 10? Jeez

  • @PowerpuffGirl yup Ik...

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