• So I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Like a lot a lot. And my life is not what it use to be. I use to be this happy bitty girl who always smiled. Who always had time to talk to friends. Who never let others bring down her happy mood. Someone who others went to for help and he helped them without blinking an eye. The girl who never was on anyone’s bad side.
    Yesterday I had an off day from online and I thought a lot about my life. Like a lot! And I just wanted to share my feeling on here.
    But now looking at me and how far I have come is fucking upsetting. From that beautiful upbeat girl, to a girl who had no time for anyone not even herself. And she is so focused on being online to talk to others that she doesn’t realize the life going on around her. It’s making me sick!!
    As for those of you who know me really well you kid my baby brother is my world. I love him more then anything and everything. It’s his first grade year this year and he’s really really struggling bad. And his older sister(me) hasn’t done anything to help him. His older sister that he idolizes hasn’t had time to help him. ITS KILLING ME INSIDE OUT.
    My friends. The real ones. They already also going through stuff. Friday at a foodball game by best friend, Landon, pulled me away from everyone and he asked me, “Abby what haven’t you been talking to me? I know your not alright. What’s going on? Your not who you use to be.” And I told him I was fine. It ate me alive to lie to my best friend because I can’t tell him that I am so fucking focused on being online that I don’t have time to have “proper emotions”
    I know he knows something is wrong but I also know that a lot is wrong. A hella lot. I’m really, really, really, really, really, considering leaving. Everything and everyone online. It’s going to be hard but I have become someone who I despise. I cannot let myself be this way. And I’ve made some bonds on here but those bonds are not as strong as I believed them to be. I love you guys a lot but I need to love myself too and I can’t do that if I don’t even have time to fix myself.
    Now this is not a “I’m leaving look at me” post. This is a I’m considering leaving for my own health so if you need me you know I might not be here. Now I might pm some people more about this but I pretty much have my mind set up. I need to focus more on things that are more important. And this might hurt some people and it might not. I just want the people who care to know my reasoning for up and leaving.
    With love,
    Abby.83, Abby.22, Captain_Marvel, Vampire_Queen

  • @vampire_queen if that's how you feel baby then do what you think is right. Just know we are always gonna be here for you and we all have your back.

  • I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through this type of realization Abby and even though I’m not entirely on the same page I’m kinda guessing that you’re on a tad bit wistful of Your online life being a pressing factor of your day to day life? Though I’m not really sure, just hoping things turn out for the better for you in the end of being yourself again (if that’s your goal in this) though one thing I’d like to suggest is to talk to your friends like the one who asked if everything’s ok or even boots cause they’ there for you and wanting/needing help isn’t something to hide no matter what the reason, it never hurts to talk to someone you trust

    Best of luck Abby I truly mean it

  • @vampire_queen hey there, we haven't met thus far, so i'd like to say hi...

    I been out with someone in the past that spent her every waking minute online. Our relationship suffered bad due to it.
    From what you say you need to do what is best for you, for your little bro and for your real world friends. Those 'out there' that may know things are wrong, but not know what they are will be there for you...
    From what other's have mentioned to me on here your a good person. If this life has changed you then find yourself. There's not much worse than waking up one day thinking to yourself ... 'Who the fek am I?'
    An believe me I been there for that one... really ain't an e z wake up call.
    So I just want to say, I hope things work out for you, and I agree with @Captain_Rogers that, stay or not ... peeps here will always love you (almost as much as peeps on the other side).

  • @vampire_queen

    We never really talked Abby but I heard a lot about you. I'll make my words the same as Boots. Whatever you decide to do remember your friends in here will be a dm away but if what you said about yourself is true, then please do what's best for you. Your priorities should never be shifted no matter how important what you must leave behind is. I hope you find yourself again!

  • @vampire_queen I don’t know you but what you say is so true. I haven’t been on that much this summer but during school it was ridiculous. We get caught up on here. It happens & u don’t even realize it. Good for you to realize it & get back to the real world. If your bored you can always just log in & say what’s up to whoever. Congrats !!!!!

  • @vampire_queen Go ahead and leave, your real life is more important :) <3 I hope everything gets better soon!

  • @vampire_queen she is better than William Shakespeare 😂😂

  • Dear Abby

    First time i knew you because of @Willow
    What i know you are such a good person.
    I dunno what really happens in your life and what you fight for.
    If everything seems messed up, fix it
    If you think you need time, go lurking
    If you think you need alive, go finding your friends
    All of us here may he just your internet friends, but it does not mean we dont care with you.
    If you have made your final decision, i wish all the best for your life and everything
    I wish you have a good friend outside there
    So till you are back, we will always wait for ya.
    This TWS will always be your family.

    With love

    G. (Owned by @WtfJudith )