• I don't like to be negative on here.... It's a nice place with lots to learn, people to meet .... you know the shpeal.
    Ever get those days you wish never existed?

    FFS man (or woman, see no sexism here lol),
    But you do what you need to to get where you wanna be at, you do the things you need to do, follow what your told to do.... an what?
    Cause you do want your meant to do , in an appropriate manner, you get kicked back to the floor.... no help, no support .....just bureaucratic BS...
    I mean come world, LIFE ..... try helping the man (or woman) that helps themselves!
    Don't put services in place to help the many AND THEN ONLY HELP THE FEW!!!

    Fek, this life can be a stress sometimes ....
    Anyways ... rant over ......
    normal service resumes in ...





    And he's back in the room

  • What happened? Negativity should be discussed more, life ain’t sunshine and rainbows.

  • @mr_peanut i'm not religious, but AMEN to that 😃

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  • @mr-peanut something wrong?