1. Organize my study space , I can't clearly think if the things in the area are in topsy-turvy ..
    2. Good music :)
    3. Summarize the lesson and rewrite it on a piece of paper for review. :)

    How about you? :)

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ Freedom Writers Music Lovers

    Firstly music, then organise everything, every fuckin pencil has to be sharp, and something to drink, stay hydrated kids

  • @cjko I have a weird habit on studying.

    1. Whenever I have to memorize something like a phrase from books (for humanities or social science class), I try to change the lyrics of a song using the phrases from the book. Thus, it is easier for me to memorize them.

    2. I memorize the equations by writing them on a notebook for a couple of times.

    3. Intermittent studying (1-hour study, 30 mins rest).

  • @robinnotthehood hahah that would be a cool study habit, lol

  • @liliputian1 thanks for sharing this .. :) I tried singing the writings on the book with the tune of my favorite songs too. I even talked to myself if I have something to memorize :D

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