• here some annoying things that happen to me like all the time hmm okay not really all the time but maybe at least twice a week 😁😁

    • first when i have to find my glasses, i forgot where i put them.. its so annoying like how can i find my glasses without my glasses on, im blind i cant see anything how can i find it lmao
    • second when its hot so i turn on my fan, but a minute later i feel cold so i turn it off yeah guess what a minute later i feel hot again 😑
      what about you? does it happened to you too? or whats some annoying things that happen to you?

  • @its-bobby mosquitoes! They are so annoying because they suck my blood without my permission, they always hover around and they are little devils with suckers

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    @its-bobby Your story is funny :joy:

    I hate when this happens :
    When we are in the middle of a conversation and the messages get delayed bcos of slow internet and till the time they reach the other person....it stops making sense.

  • I chimed in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of CLOSING A GODDAMN DOOR?"

  • Buffering of any Youtube video.
    That buffering really kills the excitement of watching that particular video..

    Going back to PG after a long and tiring college day and finding nothing to eat.

  • @malicealice well guess the people have to use a automatic door 😂

  • @zazzles yeah ikr and their noise so loud 😂

  • @sup haha thankyouu 😊
    yeah that happened to me too. i better not sending it or ill just type and delete it 😁

  • @naveen067 oh yeah that so annoying happened to me too with the buffering video on youtube

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