• I wanna know what are the first 3 things you do when your life falls apart... :)
    Mine are :

    1. Have a deep sigh of disappointment
      3.Pray for it :)

    how about you ? :)

  • @cjko
    1: I stress in an irrational way
    2: I gain composure and evaluate what I need to do to untangle the debris that is left
    3: I commence with the correcting/undoing of whatever mess is currently lying at my feet.

    an, tbh my life seems to falls apart quite a lot when you look at the whole picture... but I just hold my head up an march on :)
    For me there doesn't seem to be much else I can do.....

  • @cel that's great! :) free yourself from negativity.. :)

    LIFE is like a TEST PAPER . :)

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    1. Be merry eat and drink..
    2. Sleep
    3. Movie Marathon

    1. Try not to get depressed
    2. Distract myself on social media
    3. Wait for it to get back together again

  • @cjko Sleep,Eat and Move on.

    at the stage of wanting to sleep, Im overthinking too. At the stage of wanting to Eat all time, Im thinking of dying but at the end of all of it, I move on :)

  • @cjko said in What are the first 3 things you do when your life falls apart ?:):

    I wanna know what are the first 3 things you do when your life falls apart... :)
    Mine are :

    1. Have a deep sigh of disappointment
      3.Pray for it :)

    how about you ? :)
    The first 3 things i do are almost the same as yours :-

    1. Cry ( a lot )
    2. Overthink (a loooot)
    3. Fake a smile
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    @cjko 1. Eat 2. Sleep 3. Watch Netflix lol 😂

  • 1: asses the situation of what’s happening. Am I rational in my current position? No? Move to step 2. Yes? Carry on then
    2: asses possible reasons or cause of mental instability or irrational paranoia thoughts and worries. Skip to step 4 if problem consists of loneliness
    3: find soothing or ventilation for said problem
    4: Extra if 3 requires help of someone wait until someone checks up on you to open your mouth about your loneliness and extreme worries (this can take up to a month before someone notices your extreme absence)

    This is kinda my routine whenever I get lonely and mainly have trouble with venting out my own loneliness as I struggle to approach people a lot of times so I end up staying in this mindset a lot more than I should

  • @cjko sorta.... I’m usually the person my friends come to for venting or even just taking out their pent up struggles out on as I care deeply for them and it’s hard to need help when you are commonly the helper(in terms I don’t like asking for help cause I want it to be the persons decision to deal with my problems and I don’t want to burden someone out of the blue with it)

  • @cjko umm...i dnt knw..let me make a rant... see we all want our life to happy and perfect eh, thats our goal, however its the journey thats difficult... we make wrong choices, bad decisions yada yada yada... finally, we get to a point were we are afraid to face the truth, the reality... so we'd rather settle for a sugar coated lie... thats where these quotes, sooth sayers or feel good movies/books capitalize, feed on our guilt, inaction and insecurity... we compare us with others and judge only to let down ourselves...wait..why am i saying all this? do i have a point?

  • @rabbitboy aha...i knw...a shoulder to weep on eh? been there, done that, done with that... you see they all come there, make nest, get done with their shit and they leave...without a good bye.... as simple as that... i even had a nick name in clg...the pacifier...

  • @rabbitboy you are an amazing person armed with empathy.. a real hero. Well, yeah that's true. Who would you ask for help if all of them don't know how to help themselves too..

  • @cjko it’s not that I don’t trust them to know how to solve problems I can’t everyone is suited for a certain type of battle(be it mental or real) rather I’m worried of causing problems of them to worry about me (as I know how stressful it can be to worry believe me I loves lifestyle of worry) though in reality if by what you say I’m a hero than we all kinda are heroes to anyone we’ve brightened their mood or even helped in any way possible

  • you see, we all know what needs to be done. bury what worry us and move on. but its not that simple is it? thats why we are having this discussion here. people deal with their problems their own way. some people deal with it quickly (nick named "mature" ones), some people take their time (nick named "immatures" or "energy vampires" or "negative people" or "yellow caps" or "sceptics" etc) and finally some that dont make it, those who end up in mental asylums and those who end up dead. The point is we all need people to love us, i mean thats the whole point. even if we are hungry or we are getting kicked out from the country we have lived on since birth we need to love and to be loved. but nobody wants to love the damaged ones, the bad eggs or the rotten apples. so we struggle, we struggle so damn hard to make ourselves presentable as the good ones. so that people could love us like we love them.

  • @cjko

    1. Isolate myself
    2. Overthink listening to sad songs
    3. Get over it

    It's a a shame I get stuck in point .2 until this day :joy:

  • @cjko said in What are the first 3 things you do when your life falls apart ?:):

    @blue_nebula hahaha great pretender! hello there blue :D

    Hey @cjko!! :D

  • @cjko aww...finally, a non - patronising person who understands me... 😂😂😂

  • @rabbitboy great.. does it help? as long as we are still kicking and blinking..that process will always be used in circles.

  • @barton uhmm..yeah. Challenges and struggles are part of this test (we called Life), we learn from it. Imagine how monotonous our lives would be if everything is flawless. I mean, that's the standard cycle in our society. If we compare life to a dish , dish (life) would not be tasty or delicious without adding the condiments ( struggles, worries, happiness, rejections etc). It just a matter of balance and blending.. as a person, you should know how to balance or blend for you to get the exact or the preferred taste. :)

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