• She is the beautiful chaos in my life,
    The butterfly effect on my soul,
    From butterfly kisses on my knobby nose,
    She is more than a theory,
    She is the truth no body else knows,
    She is a secret in my heart that grow's and grow's and grow's
    She is my one and only susanna.

    This is the message to you...

    I want to be the reason behind your smile,
    Your precious laughter,
    I want to be the peace of your heart,
    The place you find comfort,
    The apple of your eye's,
    And when you do not see me in your
    Presence you are unable to find ease,
    I want to be your one and only,
    Your first priority
    For me to be your place of ease when the
    Waves of the shores in your mind are high,
    For you to find home with me after a
    Soreful day or even a fine day,
    I want to be your answered supplication's
    The proof of your happiness,
    I want to be the reason your heart beats faster,
    For your senses to be blown when i am around,
    I want to be the reason for the love in your sparkling gleaming eyes,
    I want to be your first and your last.

  • @odin is this your poem? if so , you do good work :)

  • Movie Buff

    @odin 😍❤

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