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    so im like a really socially awkward person, i honestly just hate talking to people in real life XD anyway the other day i was shopping and i was buying these really cute bralette thingys but the size i wanted didn't have a tag on so i brought another one to the till with a tag on (i didn't wanna buy it, it was just so they could scan it) first of all the person serving me was like a young boy so that's already awkward, cos i'm buying bralettes, when i put them down he kinda looked at them then looked at me? idk but it was awkward. but then he scans both and i'm like 'i didnt want both i just wanted one' and he gets really confused so i had to explain it to him. then he calls up this other old man manger person to delete the other bralette or something.. so i'm finally paying him now but then i realise the bralette is more expensive then i thought (i'm like £2 short) so im like 'oh i didn't look at the price can i put it back' or something like dat and he kinda rolls his eyes. but then this old lady saves the day and gives me the extra £2.. so i brought the thingy thanked the lady and ran out the shop and so i've decided to never talk to people again :)
    so yeh what's your most awkward experience?
    im awkward

  • @violetttttt

    That might have been awkward for you but reading it just made it look EXTREMELY cute hahahaha, I can imagine you blushing and just wanting to get out of there.

    I've also got into the same kind of situation where i didn't have enough money to buy something I was shopping for, it seriously is awkard.
    I can't really remember any awkward episode right now, but when I used to have long hair, I would be mistaken by a girl if someone was calling me or walking to me while I was facing away from them. They would put their hand on my shoulder and be like "Young miss..." and then a full grown bearded guy turns towards them and i'm like... shit ._.
    There was also a time, where I was wearing a shirt that had the logo of the store I was visiting (sports store) and someone approached me asking for informations about the actual store and i was like - "uh, but I don't work here, sorry".
    Talking with strangers can be scary. Ironical how i'm posting this in a forum called "Talk with strangers" :laughing:

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    @mr-h trust me i wasn't cute it was extremely traumatic

  • @violetttttt

    Could have been traumatic for you but I don't know why but I find it extremelly cute when a girl gets flustered/embarassed. I think it's cute.
    Need a hug? :laughing:

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    Alright babygirl,
    Sit your ass down and get ready for a story.

    Once upon a time Weelow met a really really hot dude.
    Like yeah...holy fuck 😋😋.
    So we do a cliche shoulder brush and I drop my pen (okay maybe I did it on purpose, dont fucking judge me, he was HAWT).
    And then we did a cliche apology and our eyes meet. willow melted into her panties
    And he walks away.
    So later we ended up in the same store *we were at the mall i forgot to say
    And he was talking to his friends and he walks up and whispers, “i really liked watching you bend over earlier, wanna come to my car?” LIKE WHY THE FUK DOES THIS WET PANTIE BRINGER HAVE TO BE SUCH A DOUCHE.
    His friends look up with grins.
    Hes smiling.
    My eyes are going in between the two
    awkward silence

    *you can imagine how hard I slapped him but this post is abt awkward moments so the endddd

  • Aww 😢😢

  • Now that I'm working as a waiter..... holding that table thingy...idk how to call it....and it fell .... everything was broken...and it actually happened in front of everyone

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @mr-h finnnnneeeeeeee

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @willow woahhhhh, ew i honestly hate people like dat

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