• Since I was just in my early adulthood stage, I’ve always wanted to be paired with a foreign woman. I am a Westerner and I delight in the fact that European blood is best mixed with an Asian race. Women from here are good, but I don’t exactly know the reason why I like Asian women more. Since I’m not getting younger each day, I am planning to tie the knot with a loving and kind-hearted Asian I might meet someday (may it not be too soon, please?). I know it isn’t the nationality that determines character; however, I want insights if women from Singapore or Philippines are kind-hearted and are “wife-material”. Thanks!

  • @singlebabe That's not a problem dude, you can have a foreign wife if you want to. Just sign up for a legit matchmaking agency and I'm sure you'll meet the love of your life. Most of my friends married Asian women through matchmaking agency and they're happy with their marriage. I'm also thinking of joining a tour next month in Thailand because I love the place and maybe I can also meet some beautiful ladies there.

  • @singlebabe how old are u

  • I know there are some Asians here, why not give this dude your opinions? @singlebabe I guess you could search in google too dude. There some blogs that describe their entire culture. I'm not trying to be rude just giving my suggestion. :D

  • @singlebabe asian woman they are very family-oriented person and a wife-material. you can search in google if you want to. it's your choice if you want to tie a knot with the asian woman. do what your hearts say's.

  • @kittypie hey kitty..I kinda like your opinions n advice's..sounds interesting and thoughtful.cheers!!!

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