A public service announcement to all morally upright internet explorers

  • I joined this site about 5 or 6 months ago, and as early on as i can recall there has been a predication of toxicity created by several users who's names i won't bother to type as it would be a waste of finger movement, but i would presume they are fully aware of and will probably edit and or delete any critical post to satiate their ravenously fragile egos so i will not bother replying to any of their pathetic taunts. However this behaviour certainly needs to be addressed properly, as making people aware of narcissistic personalities so they can make a conscious effort of avoiding the manipulative and harassing tactics they often employ online to amelierate the inferiority complexes they live with in their lives. I have exhaustively analyzed these reprehensibly corrupt persons, and i've discovered several of their harassing and tyrannical tactics such as gossipping and deleting and or editing any critiques of their absolutely reprehensible behaviour. I am shocked and absolutely disgusted that the administration of this site has allowed the situation to proliferate to this dire extent. It's a real shame that certain individuals need to harass strangers on the internet to feel like there is meaning in their lives, a real shame indeed.

  • @michael-falk Agreed ✌️