• Ok so super bored here so I thought I would share my secret!
    This is my 2 steps guide about how to quickly get rid of harassers or people that keep messaging you even after it's obvious that there's nothing more to talk about or you simply want to stop talking to a person that keeps messaging you. This guide is mostly for girls but I guess it works for boys too and to those people who don't like to ignore or to use the Block feature. I'm 13 so maybe this won't make sense to some of you but it might actually help.

    Some of you might think that I'm joking but this is actually meant to be serious so let's first clarify what the objectives are:

    1. you don't want to hurt anybody's feelings
    2. you don't want to feel guilty
    3. you want to permanently end the conversation

    Just follow those 2 steps and you'll probably put the conversation to a permanent end.

    1. Act like you're super depressed. You don't want to specify what you're depressed about, in fact you must be super depressed in general. Stuff like "life sucks"or "I'm so sad all the time". The most important part of this step is that the message that you want to give away is that you DON'T want to be helped and there's nothing to do about it, no help can fix your situation! Keep going with this depression thing and most of the people who don't actually care about you will simply stop here.

    2. ♥This is the step 2 and will scare away anybody who's persistent enough to survive step 1. Act like you're crazy, like if you're seriously mentally disturbed! Basically blend step 1 and crazyness together. I'll write here some example, feel free to copy and paste if you want but you can also come up with your own crazyness:
      Just come up with something and keep giving out these crazy yells as an answer to everything the other person says or asks and you'll be done in minutes. In the end, you'll feel fine and free without feeling guilty and the harassers will be forever gone and probably happy of having escaped such danger and crazyness.

    Let me know if this worked for you too!!

  • @MoonyCat how do I get points to be able to flag someone that is sending people spamming messages?

  • Thanks for the guide, did this IRL and got arrested. Apparently i was disturbing the peace.

  • I use the nickname "Do u wanna hear the will of god?"
    And sisters, it works very well