• Freedom Writers

    Things I miss about being online before the internet became the poo hole it is today.
    some of these aren't about the internet
    Vine tbh
    Memes before they were cringey, dead, and excessive
    Social media influencers before musical.ly
    starter pack memes
    youtube before crappy viners
    games like the impossible quiz and agar.io before they were memes
    word art and clip art when making PowerPoints
    the youtube comment section before people started getting triggered
    the sound windows used to make when it would start up
    the old backgrounds that were displayed when you'd play music because honestly, that was a mood.

    Anyways byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee babes, I hope you're all having wonderful days. :)
    -Saphy xx

  • I miss Club Penguin lmao... but I miss 'Super Hero Squad Online' even more so.

  • I miss the part where i could go around without an adblocker or a VPN.
    Sites today even use your PC for mining its horrible out there if you are not careful.