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    @Willoww , Can you please explain why you're telling people I said something this fucked up?
    I have said some rude shit to you, yes, but I have never said anything like that this person is saying in the screen shot. You're making up lies and overreacting to situations to make people feel sorry for you because I pissed you off.

    Stop getting your friends to message me and learn to let shit go. :) Thanks.

  • @megatron 🌾👀🌾 oh noo

  • This is going to end in a flame war for the history books of TWS.
    buys plane ticket to Switzerland

  • @ice-king what she said is not okay and is extremely fucked up. I haven't even been on much lately due to work, likewut.

  • calls up Meg from a remote village in Switzerland with a satellite phone
    I'm not going to take side and stay here in the alps until this Napalm War build up and release is over
    disconnect call and barricades himself in newly developed village of safety from war

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    To be fair

    1_1521612117857_20180321_065447.png 0_1521612117828_20180321_070129.png
    I don't think so*

    If that isn't what you said then it's my fault not hers but k you guys will figure this out together

  • @thestrangest You didn't have to block out my name and theres nothing wrong with any of that??

  • @megatron well just to make sure people have the whole perspective

  • @thestrangest Yes, i said I was going to call her out and I did? likee... and i have more than just you messaging me about stuff she has lied about lol

  • @thestrangest what you said just backs me up more, since i said i didn't even know she had a step dad and she's saying that i said shes begging him to rape her, like..?

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @megatron Ok we'll see later I'm busy right now, saying she lied is going a little far in my opinion since lying is saying something whilst knowing it not to be true and and that is a very specific thing and the number of other option is far bigger which lowers tbe chances that it's a lie as far as i know my memory could just be faulty which is consistent with past memory loss posts

  • @megatron by the way you tagged the wrong willow. The real one has 2 w. @Willoww

  • @thestrangest shit, thanks haha.
    see, i don't even know her well enough to know her username hahaha

  • @megatron everybody who knows her does that mistake including me, i realised after clicking on the username of @Willow and realising it's not @Willoww

  • @megatron what does willow even mean, i always wanted to ask that

  • @thestrangest A willow is a type of plant lol

  • @megatron i should have known that since i like plants, my favourite plant is adelweiss and i love cactus flowers

  • @thestrangest cool
    my favourite is a sunflower

  • @megatron there are many planets named willow too, i was confused because THAT'S not what pops up when you google search willow

  • @megatron sunflower is cool too