I met my long-time crush at a Filipina bride tour.

  • I just got finished from all the business works that have been stressing me out. So, I decided to go to a Filipina bride tour. I have been attending to it occasionally. When I got there, I talked to some whom I got acquainted with for the past tours. Suddenly, I caught the eyes of someone I never thought I would see there. It was my long-time crush. I have been crushing on that woman since I was young and I am quite aged now. I think this is love already. When she recognized me, a smile curved on her lips. We knew each other since we went to the same school during college. My family moved to Philippines when I was 15, that’s why. So, we talked and spent time together. She was fun to be with and still as gorgeous as before. I was thinking of dating her. What do you guys think?

  • Movie Buff

    @lookingsomeone You should definitely go for it. When an opportunity is given to you, you should always take that opportunity before it's too late..cuz later on you might regret it if you don't, there's no any worse feeling than feeling regretful 😄

    "Excuses will always be there but opportunities will not be" - anonymous

  • @lookingsomeone Go ahead and date her! Start writing your love story together. Best of luck ! 🙂

  • @lookingsomeone Don't waste your time and make a move. You're not a child to have a crush, a real man knows how to get a woman. Tell her exactly what you feel while she's still single because you don't know someone is also attracted to her.

  • @lookingsomeone if you really want that girl then go make a move date her. make friends with her.

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