Hoping to find a bride who’ll love me for who I am.

  • I got married to the woman I met during social romance tours and I dated her for months. I really thought she is the one for me, but I was wrong. She only loved my money and not me. I got fed up so I broke up with her. I filed a divorce and it just got granted two months ago. Though I was able to experience that, I am still hoping to find a woman who will love my whole being--- someone who will love me as I am. I am not a quitter. I know lots of them are just out there. I am thinking of going to Philippine wife tours to try my luck there. What do you think?

  • Everyone in here that can give me a peace of mind? I really need an advice about my situation right now please help!!

  • I have found dozens of post regarding Filipino bride. Is there something special about them. Why people want to go Philippines for bride? I need explanation. I have never heard these things before.

  • @mrwalker1977 Wow, what a brave man you are. Well, there's nothing wrong in trying. I know some Filipinos/Filipinas. They are hospitable, they could really take good care of you and they are good cooks too. They have high values about family and religious. Maybe that could somehow answer your question @YoursBucky ?xD

  • @mrwalker1977 gud very nice i think u need a monkey as a bride ..JK

  • @mrwalker1977 I salute you for being brave because most people who've been through like your situation will never believe in love again. I know you will find someone who's capable of loving you for who you are. Just keep your eyes open to every opportunities, who knows you're luck is in Philippine tour.

  • oh, I'm sorry to hear that from you. just keep on trying we all know that there are lots of woman out there that really love, accept and respect you. I heard Filipino woman are a family oriented person and most of them are a very loving person and they take good care of the person they really love.