• It’s already been a month since she broke up with me. My world was torn apart, it seems like a big part of me was shattered. I love her so much but she left me without knowing the reason. She left me hanging. I felt like a feather going to and fro, floating in mid air. But with all the pain I’m feeling and the questions in my head, I decided to start moving on.

    My friends were there when I was in total pain, even comforting and consoling me. They said I’m way too good for her. That she doesn’t deserve the love I can give. One of my friends told me to get myself involved with things that will help me forget about her. He suggested on delving with foreign dating tours. He said it’s legit, that he’s a living testimony of it. He’s currently in a relationship with his foreign girlfriend he met in that dating tour. Should I follow this advice? Please tell me.

  • @realfriend28 Stop torturing yourself trying to figure out why she left. I know it is hard to accept it at this moment but the truth is that sometimes love just fades away. Your friends are just trying to cheer you up. Don’t jump on the dating wagon just yet. Take a moment to mourn the relationship. Cherish the good times but acknowledge that it is over. Take some time to date yourself. Engage in activities that you enjoy and before you know it, she will be a distant memory.

  • @realfriend28
    so i think you have to robbed some bank or do something bad. and make sure you have to be on news . so she know that you do something bad, then go back ask her, what about now? do am i still too good for you
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