Is it a good idea to confess that you have a crush on your best friend (of a long time) or better to just keep it yourself as to not ruin the friendship one way or another?

  • Not much to say just wanted to know the general opinion.

  • I guess its a double-edged sword. If you confess it and (s)he's not into you, then you risk spoiling the friendship. And if (s)he's into you, then its a bliss. Also, it depends on the nature of your friend. I mean I've confessed and been confessed to a few times but at the end, I guess the fact that I can joke it with them is what makes the friendship from being ruined. Obviously, I have lost 1 of the friends 'coz of this situation too but usually, most of my friends understand that it is a phase and it will just go away so there's no point sticking to what someone 'said'.

    So speaking for you, I guess you've to decide whether to take the risk or not. If you think you can handle the 'no' and still keep continuing being friends, then go for it.

  • @Just-ugh Well you have to ask yourself Would I rather let them know I feel and potentially risk loosing them? Or would I rather keep these feelings to myself and be left not knowing what could be?
    Personally, I would let my friend know if I have feelings for them. For me, if I have feelings for someone and don't express it then it pains me to keep it inside and still have to be around them. For that reason I would much rather tell them and risk loosing them than not tell them at all.