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    I'm 50/50 with this theory because there is a lot of evidence to show that the earth is flat and a lot of evidence to show it's not sooooo here's the theory:

    Every picture you’ve ever seen of the earth comes from NASA, NASA was also involved with the moon landing which has also been proved multiple times that it was faked. So can we really trust NASA?
    Another point, all the pictures you’ve ever seen of the world have been photoshopped as NASA is only able to see 3% of the world at a time and is therefore only able to take pictures of 3% of the world at a time and because there are always gaps in the photos they take they actually have to photoshop the pictures together and photoshop in the missing parts. But obviously it has to be photoshopped so we can actually see pictures of the whole world.
    As well as this, i’m not religious but in the bible it talks about the 4 corners of the world which makes it sound like the earth has a flat shape.
    If you look into the theory most flat earthers believe that the reason no one has walked off the earth yet is because Antarctica has an ice wall around us. You’re probably thinking ‘well surely someone has walked over the ice wall’ well no because in the late 1950’s a treaty was signed by most of the countries of power to not let anybody go into Antarctica. Of course you can go on little explorations of it but there is only a certain amount of Antarctica that you can go without loads of people monitoring you.
    Also all flight patterns go no way near Antarctica, actually they all take you away from it. There was this one time where there was a flight from the Philippines to Los Angeles, and if you look at it on a round earth map it makes sense because the route goes in one straight line, but halfway through the flight a women’s water broke and they had to make an emergency landing. Of course it would make sense to either so back to the Philippines or to Los Angeles but they instead landed in Alaska, which makes no sense on a round world map but on a flat earth map it makes perfect sense.
    So i’m just saying there’s a lot of evidence
    Also you should watch Shane’s new video they talk about some theories that make A LOT of sense.

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    @violetttttt The Earth is round and flat like a pancake(jk). Let's eat together this pancake haha

  • You can tell the world is round by looking at a lunar eclipse, as the earth's perfectly spherical shadow is projected onto the sun during the event. There are many logical ways to prove that the earth is a globe, if the earth was a flat sphere or a flat rectangle then timezones wouldn't make any sense. Because if for example it's daytime in north america in a hypothetical flat earth then it would also be daytime in europe for example, as the entire earth would be facing the sun which would make timezones completely nonexistent. It's something that ancient civilizations figured out thousands of years ago, also seasons wouldn't make any sense because if one side of the earth was perpetually facing the sun then there would be no change in the seasons.because seasons are due the earth's slightly tilted nature and each side of the equator gets direct and indirect rays from the sun at points during the rotational 365 days. Another simple way is to go to a ship port and watch the ships disappear over the horizon, cause if the earth were flat they would progressively get smaller and smaller until you can no longer see them, which is NOT what happens. in actuality they disappear in a DOWNWARD trajectory with the uppermost portion of the vessel (the smokestack or chimney) the last part to be seen, There are several other ways to prove to yourself the curvataure of the earth by doing some simple research.

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    @kat_15 alrightttt like i said im 50/50

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    Nah, you're all wrong! The world is actually a cat playing with Australia. Here's the evidence

    alt text

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    alt text

  • ...yeah and they never walked on the moon (my dad works for NASA and the government)...and the Holocaust is just propaganda (I'm Jewish and have visited the camps as well as knew someone) Elvis is partying with aliens, Tupac is in a bunker hiding, and every person on this earth has common sense...….NOT!!! Everything you read, especially online isn't always true. Check the facts people. That's how misinformation spreads and causes problems....Do ya people not know how to read? I mean I kind of understand not teaching cursive in school nymore, but reading and checking facts? Y'all never did book reports growin up?

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    @nestlě okay that is a very good point

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    @nestlě EXACTLY

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    @violetttttt Oh and, watch this documentary on how the earth is round

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    @violetttttt and a light from the sky came down in the middle east and impregnated a virgin with a white baby. Seems a bit iffy but her husband Joseph didn't once question it he just happily agreed that his wife never slept with anyone else or even him for that matter because even though they were married and he got no action on his wedding night he was happy with that. If they'd kept on walking and not found a stable they would have walked off the edge of the earth and we would never know about religion or the little albino baby Jesus and the 3 potential fathers who turned up with gifts for a kid who might well be theirs. And still Joseph was happy with that. Seems legit. Oh yes the WORLD IS NOT FUCKING FLAT!! Just thought I would put that out there in case you all thought it was a mindless rant.

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    @violetttttt Lmao 😂

  • @violetttttt if world is flat, you will find another hidden place i guess. Tell me if you find it.

  • The theory of "Earth is round" has been proved long time ago by Galileo Galilei

  • Galileo Galilei proved the against of Bible and he was killed for this

  • My opinion they re just conspiracy

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    @violetttttt Yea sure there is a lot of pieces of evidence on both sides, the flat-earthers (the beliefs of the world is flat) and the globers( the beliefs of the world is round). All I can say, I look at both of each side's perspectives and opinions. I find it interesting to see where their information comes from and why do they believe it or stick to it.

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    Aiight so

    1. We have LOTS of proof from not just NASA that the earth is round. Also, all the eclipse stuff that nestle was talking about is true as well,
    2. In the Bible, “the four corners” stuff is metaphorical.

  • @shutup the ancient egyptians already knew this which is why they built sphinxes.

  • I think... It would be jus nice n simple to walk in a flat surface in theory... But if it's like an emotional talk... Id say people are jus too flat the world's jus feeling the gap people create

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