What feature do you suggest that will make TWS great social site?

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    @makiboy option no.4
    We can create groups in pm thou like whatsapp groups

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    With private groups it's hard to keep an eye on whats going on inside. For people above 18 or 21 that's not as big of a problem as with people below that age and even children. It's a bad idea to let them create PV groups by themselves. You can see what they are talking about in here sometimes. It's insane. If something happens in there..they shut you down before you can say mot...
    And waiting until complaints coming in is too late.

    I think working with a strong moderation policy and loyal mod's is the best way too start. You got personal contact, learn the visitors a bit. Keep an eye on things. Bots are programmed and do their thing, true, but when a group or room is brand new a bot is not keeping the talks going...

    Make sure everybody can find, read and understand the privacy and user policy. In understandable language for children starting at 13 and up. 13 and up you might think? Privacy is talked about, a lot. Children too know, sort of, whats going on. Just look at them as clients, not as children. Setup a costumer service with real life people who take their time for every client or, maybe even more important, concerned parents.

    Start blogging for parents. In language that is more suitable for parents and other responsible people. Blog about the business, whats happening, plans and ideas. safaety...everything that parents want to know about. And the who is blogging needs to be in key position.
    Invite guest bloggers, go guest blogging.

    Invite parents, get outside, make sure people know who you are and what you do in here.
    Be transparent as you possible can.

    Advertise/Radio/TV/ No newspaper or other door-to-door magazines.
    Create a mailinglist. Get a opt-in and opt-out system and send people a monthly newsletter. And with a single click they are on your site. The money was in the list back in the days and it still is!

    Furtermore, Please drop the 6+ month old posts to the bottom...nobody looks at them and it scares people off...Like there is nothing happening in there.

    Organize chat-inn's. Try to get known or even better, famous people who visitors can chat with.
    Its super easy for the famous, they don.t even have to leave their homes and its free campane for them.

    I think you have to get the focus away from features and focus on the things I mentioned. That is what people care about. You could also open a twitter account. But please make sure you make it personal...tweet as a human. Not as an app.

    That's my vision on Talk With Strangers. I know I'm only like a few minutes in here but you asked...

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    "Interests" option just like the one on omegle for private chats.

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