Whats this fuss all about

  • As we can see different topics in which users are complaining about @TalkWithStranger decisions. I also decided to raise my voice and give my view on whats happening.
    After looking at this fuss i came to one point that is we arent admin to make decisions or even question them. This website was developed by the admin and he knows better than us all. We cant work with such dedication he is working for it. We including myself, always think selfishly but administrator thinks for his website and this community. We cannot do what he is doing
    Somethings are easier said than done
    Second thing i want to put forward is that this is internet. You dont take things seriously here. When you do, you give trolls a point to tease you and thats when they succeed. Its my friendly advice that dont be butthurt and take it easy. Cheers 🙂

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @αητιcυτε well said💯

  • @αητιcυτε lol I agree with @Abby-83!

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