Our president vetoed bill prohibiting corporal punishment on children.. any contradiction and comment for this?

  • I support corporal punishment , to alter or to revolutionize the rampant juvenile deliquency in our country. I think , this is what the world needed-where we can benefit from.As a matter of fact, Frederick Douglass stated that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. I couldn't agree more of this. I am a product of corporal punishment as well tbh,this made me a better and disciplined human being and I am grateful for that.We indeed need discipline in all aspects of life. Who wouldn't ? Though, there are cases of corporal punishment that leads physical abuse .. I think, it can be controlled nowadays.Furthermore, a little spank wont kill a spoiled brat in my perspective.

  • @IM-NOT-HONY said in Our president vetoed bill prohibiting corporal punishment on children.. any contradiction and comment for this?:


    I am from an army school myself, and I can confirm what she is saying. We used to be thrashed like test dummies, not only by our teachers, but also by our seniors(in the name of tradition). And that has made me realise the importance of authority and respect.

    But, sometimes the authorities themselves, forget the extent to the punishment, and thin the lines between, punishing and harassing.

    I totally agree with this. Some used such privilege for abuse and harrassment. But what I mean is the discipline on children.. this is where the quote used for. We should curtail the bad behavior the children have before it's too late.

    Positive reinforcement or in a simple word "reward" won't always work..
    Sometimes children must know that they will be punished if they will participate in unlawful behavior as minors.
    I think the police officer won't give you candies if you have done wrong. (Common sense)

  • @cjko I agree in parts. There is a need for discipline rigor, but there is a thin boundary separating punishment from cowardice, respecting the physical and emotional structure of the child or adolescent, and it is not difficult for traumas to become serious mental disorders such as psychopathy. Violence learned in childhood may eventually (not rule) forge an individual who believes in the prevalence of force over reason. I have taken corrective flip-flops as a child but this was allied to dialogue and expressions of affection and paternal and maternal love. There is an imbalance and there are cases of disproportion in the "physical correction", much more than a simple negative reinforcement. Situations that lead to mental sequelae and even irreversible physical disabilities. Almost always the physical abuses that parents apply to children and even violence against women are the result of this culture that favors brute force.
    The human mind is a vessel of varied and unknown material. Depending on the content packed its structure breaks, with fragments and shrapnel everywhere.

  • @cjko I agree with the criminal majority regarding the laws for juvenile offenders, who need to have their offenses corrected before society, especially in those more drastic crimes where they should be tried as adults. It is up to the families to offer an education of limits and only to reward the good behaviors and to remind them that the study and tasks of the house are obligations and not options.

  • @Berin this speaks volume. I totally agree with this.. regarding about the ch ores at home, children must be trained on how to do them. There are certain tasks that the child must do according to his age, it will start from the basic one to complex. Performing such will instill them a lot of stuffs such as being responsible, organized, neat, etc. that they can bring it with them till they aged and starting to have a new family. Therefore, I don't like the idea of having a nanny or P.A at home, I know how negative would it cause to kid's behavior. Most of them can't stand on their own feet and rely simple tasks to P.A or Nanny even if it is accessible to them. This is when the spoiled brat needs to be corrected..

    Well, as to the study.. they should be aware that they need to study/ to go to school or to learn. Parents wouldn't always be with their side forever , that they must acquire knowledge on survival skills because parents will aged and soon gone on their sides, no matter what, it's inevitable - that is life.

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