@Berin this speaks volume. I totally agree with this.. regarding about the ch ores at home, children must be trained on how to do them. There are certain tasks that the child must do according to his age, it will start from the basic one to complex. Performing such will instill them a lot of stuffs such as being responsible, organized, neat, etc. that they can bring it with them till they aged and starting to have a new family. Therefore, I don't like the idea of having a nanny or P.A at home, I know how negative would it cause to kid's behavior. Most of them can't stand on their own feet and rely simple tasks to P.A or Nanny even if it is accessible to them. This is when the spoiled brat needs to be corrected.. Well, as to the study.. they should be aware that they need to study/ to go to school or to learn. Parents wouldn't always be with their side forever , that they must acquire knowledge on survival skills because parents will aged and soon gone on their sides, no matter what, it's inevitable - that is life.