Good v/s Evil, did evil win once again?

  • A great injustice has occured, today evil has defeated the good.

    Profile of the accuser:

    These three accounts belong to one person and that is a Romanian spammer, fanta says it belongs to some really old user, but he couldn't tell me his name so i am not mentioning his earlier accounts.

    Both the earlier accounts were banned multiple times for massive spamming with nude images and beheading images in the public chat, supporting bestiality.

    Well we had to ban it multiple times because he kept getting unbanned.

    Now here's the thing, he has a reputation for being an edgy spammer, a harasser. His previous target was @cutie-cat and now his current target is rest of the Indian community.

    Profile of the victim:

    @Sup got 13% votes for the best mod on this website, where @Ragnar got 16% and @Wtfjudith got 16%.

    @Sup has helped me multiple times in finding the people who upvote themselves.

    He has banned a stupendous amount of spammers and he actually made sure he warned them first.

    He has the third highest rep on this website and he is climbing up fast.

    He is working on the Awards section which you honestly messed up with @willow and he will get a good outcome for that.

    He is most prominent person in testing the new features you keep unveiling at the speed of light.

    Right now he is the hardest worker TWS has.

    Admins fault:

    Now 40% TWS users are Indians, They keep the site alive by not using adblockers and giving you the much necessary ad revenue. I am not saying they deserve a special place but what I am saying you really cannot afford being in open support of a person who insults 40% of your community.

    All @sup did was try to defend his faith, and his country, have you never gotten into those heated debates on Islam and used @sarah , @emily , @tina, @girlnextdoor and even sometimes your Official admin account to defend your faith.

    Every person loves his country and his faith and when someone crosses the limit everyone loses control.

    Getting @sup unmodded is a victory for @spoofer, because guess who used ban him for spamming the public chat ?

    Any guesses?

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