• which you prefer school with uniform or without uniform?

    when i was high school (in Indonesia elementary to high school students they wear uniform to school) seeing college students or in tv like American school their not wearing uniform to school, and i feel like woah thats cool we can dress like what we want, we can be casual or be girly depends on the person..
    so im in college, not wearing a uniform anymore
    but then i missed my uniform 😢, because its so freaking confusing. everyday i have to choose the outfit i have to wear to uni. and yeah girls problem the outfit seems not good enough to wear

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    My school had uniforms until last year and now it got scrapped off. I honestly liked uniforms as it created a sense of unity and also represented our school students as a unique group of monkeys. Now with casual home clothes, I don't even feel like a Heritan anymore.

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