• Your free suggestions are awaited

    Anyone here into fitness?
    Since gyms closed (thanks to china, saved my 💰) I need help in planning my exercises. Any advice in the limits of fitness would be appreciated with rolexes home delivered free of charge and tax!
    Srsly, I hv no equipments except a mechanical cycle, 2 5kg dumbbells, and my body. Any suggestions about YT channels would be great too.
    Just want to haul my ass into not being fat again (not just my ass) :)
    Yeah me loser know no body weight exercises atm :(
    So ofc I need your help strangers (why not)

    Eyes on the prize

  • counterfeit rolex

  • @Sunwukong 💯 Genuine
    Rest Assured I made it myself

  • @Don-Ragada download fitness app