• Have 1 million dollars
    • Give the million to the poor

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    @cayelah give 1 million to the poor, not a hard choice tbh with you I don't need that kind of money in my life lol I can easily earn it as long as I work hard to achieve it plus I'm giving a chance to the poor, I already had a chance all I have to do is to use that chance 😊

  • A look at the stats :

    Nearly 3 billion peoplelive on less than $2.50 a day.
    More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day.
    1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty.

    Compared to the Herculean challenges being faced.
    1 Million $ is a pittance.

    Lets assume that the money gets devided equally (& no malpractice happens )
    ---->>>> 1 million $ / 3 billion people = 0.00033333333 $ /person

    An amount so small ,its not even funny .You give that & it may wont feed a single person .
    One million USD is not very much. Relative to the goal it is absolutely tiny.

    As far as I know feeding the entire World ,clothing ,housing ,Medicine ..will take about 100 Billion $ each year.

    Anyways ...Poverty is a consequence ,not the problem itself.
    The problem needs to be at best eliminated or at least mitigated.

    Since the Modern economy is not a Zero Sum game anymore but rather driven by innovation & talent with Ideas & innovation being worth more than erstwhile labour force,its in all the peoples best interest that other people get education & oppertunities..

    ...think of Elon Musk(South African immigrant) ..Jeff Bezos(son of Cuban Immigrant) has so many billions of $ worth of ideas provides more value to the world than almost half of its citizens earn

    ...& this helps all of us Think... .
    Tesla ushered in the Electric car revolution (saving billions of dolars) or Amazon (the sheer convenience of ordering from home)

    Think about how much the world would be richer if the poor now got the same opportunities ..another 100 Such brilliant minds can enrich the planet ..who says the cure for cancer or the next Einstein wont emerge from there.

    ..So its in the best interests of all the people in the world to unite & help one another .

    I think people are beginning to notice this & starting to come together in certain groups in WB ,UN etc ... economic donations & Humanitarian charities & help are starting to pick up ....

    A United world govt.(not this UN with divided countries) with global resource package can indeed do so.
    As a start ,a Universal Basic Income & Housing type should be implemented ,this will really help a lot of people

  • Give it all to the poor

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    @cayelah Id give it all up. Probably the easiest choice Ive ever made.
    Ive got all that i need, a job, house, food. They dont.
    Ill manage the same with or without the money 🙂

  • @im-a-bae great

  • If one wants to give million of dollar to help the poor ,then its fine ...but how are you gonna do that ?
    ..goto a alley & start handing out money ? ..you'll be mobbed & IRS on your ass.

    It's all fine to say I'll give it away ,but realistic things have to be kept in mind.

    A few Relatively simple ways to use the money to help the poor are..

    • Give money to established organizations. There are organizations that are already dedicated to and shows success in this effort. Give the money to them to aid in their work.
      Some candidates: Partners in Health, Oxfam America,Red Cross.

    • Sustainable development goals. UN is always looking for donation & Assistance in achieving the next set of its goals ,after its reasonalbe succes in implementing the millennium development goals .

    • Lobby. Lobby governments to care about this topic and spend more resources on it.

    One strategy could be to make strong arguments that, in general, this is needed and in the country's own interests
    (eg. increases national security, increases world trade, reduces global terrorism).

    Follow that with specific proposals for government spending on the right kind of foreign aid
    (eg. humanitarian aid to help people be more self sufficient and reduce extreme poverty - NOT the usual junk of military aid, propping up corrupt regimes, tearing down tariffs such that one country benefits and the other does not, etc...)

    ..anyway ,a lot of such organizations have propped up ,a lot help ..a lot are corrupt & fronts ..

    You want something done .Do it yourself.

    So as someone who is interested in this matter I'll take the million & use it to help the poor my own way .

    ....like using million dollars to start a business where you could employ people for years and years making profit & using that profit for help (Like a Super Corporate Social Responsibility Package ) ,investing in low cost affordable tech ,providing charities , bringing together scientists ,cutting through red tape like Doctors without Borders or Red Cross.

    ..bringing awareness ..for a lot of people poverty & its affected are distant people in far away countries ,if that can be changed ,,if people start paying attention .Forcing politicians & Govt . to truly join in ..

    ...the ways are endless.
    One Destination ,many Paths.

    There just needs to be will & commitment.

  • Keep it, start a business, employ some of them.


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