If you could pick one, would you rather have infinite money or love?

  • Practically speaking, I will go with infinite money as Money=Happiness.
    Nowadays, you can already buy "Love".hahaha. WTF

  • Infinite Money .

    When you have money, love is easy to acquire. The reverse, not so much.
    You can't eat, drink, sleep or live in love.

    Love is great but it doesn't magically make everything great. Without money life sucks.

    heck...You can buy/rent sex love with money.

    But i can see the opposite side ,so its not totally one or the other ..

    ...Money can bring some semblance of happiness but it is love that brings you fulfillment

    Like a great deal of the people on this site, at one point in life or another I've been pretty damn lonely. It's easily the worst feeling I've ever felt.

    And even as materialistic as I am, money (which buys stuff) is never satisfying. It satisfies you for a minute, and then you just want more.

    You can buy things all day long but if you've got no one to share your huge mansion with and no one to drive around in your Ferrari, you're gonna feel like shit.

    Love. .... For me, life is about the people who you spend your time with and who care about you.

    It's the experiences we share with other people which really makes things special.
    People get bored with materialistic things, I was just as happy with my new car as i was with the old.

    Ultimately your possessions don't last as long as the memories you shared with loved ones.

    ....but there is no gurantee that I would ever have someone who really loved me if i was poor .

    So I'll take my chances ..have infinite money ,keep it secret & live a higher than normal lifestyle ,just not an extravagant life.

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    Since I'll never have shortage of money & am easily the richest in the world ,there is no need for me to show it off

    ....hopefully that'll be enough for finding someone who'll love me for myself. :relaxed: :relaxed:

  • @Stranger_Danger --very nice answer LMAO!

  • Movie Buff

    @liliputian that's a hard question I mean if I had infinite money I would help my family, friends and others that are struggling but then love, to be able to find someone special, your soulmate, your best friend , the person who is the other half of you...I don't know maybe infinite money I guess.

  • Moniesss bish
    Rich nigger

  • @liliputian love and money lol but mostly love

  • Music Lovers

    If I'm rich, people will love me

  • @layla not all the time..haha..

  • @layla said in If you could pick one, would you rather have infinite money or love?:

    If I'm rich, people will love me

    People already love you for yourself @layla . :relaxed: :relaxed:

    You dont need money to become lovable.
    I find your sense of humor & that decency you display , very nice .
    & so do others. :blush:

    Lol ,your comment reminded me of the story of

    An 82-yr-old billionaire married a 25-yr-old who swears money’s ‘not important’

    The Duchess of Alba, 85, one of Spain's richest women, marries a man 24 years younger

  • @stranger_danger aw thank you, i love your personality too!
    oh i see. i'll just sit here and say "money isn't important" and some rich foreign king will come and marry me. 🙃

  • Lol ,thats the humor .

    @layla said

    oh i see. i'll just sit here and say "money isn't important" and some rich foreign king will come and marry me. 🙃

    You probably already have been contacted.
    That Sweet Nigerian Prince really wanted to hive you some money,Millions of it ....(sigh...you just didnt believe him)

    Too bad ,now some other hussy probably got their claws in him ...

    alt text

    alt text

  • @liliputian lol

  • @YOUNGandpeaCOCKY Love

  • @YOUNGandpeaCOCKY Love. I dont need infinite money to live. I'd technically be me right now plus my significant other and my family. I wouldn't trade my relationship with them over that. Having infinite money will get you fake friends fake lovers and isolation. You don't know who you could trust and everything would feel like a cheat code like when you have infinite money in grand theft auto everything feels pointless eventually the game gets boring.

  • @AllAboutGay bend over babe!!

  • @Hyde okay. lol. gay love?

  • @YOUNGandpeaCOCKY No thanks :) i am bi but i am more into girls (laugh)