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    My current username is SUmof1.

    2 people asked me if my name meant anything.
    It does. Here's the explanation.

    First off, what is the sum of something?
    The sum of something is when you add it together,
    E.g: The sum of 6 and 6 is 12.
    Knowing this you can see that my username doesn't make any sense as it only has one number. One number needs to be added to another number to give the sum which is something my username doesn't do.
    Firstly, the number 1 is very special. It is the only integer that merits its own existence from Peano's axioms (not to mention that it is the building block of positive integers)
    This error is to signify incompletion, you could think of this as my stage in life, my age, but this was me just being edgy.
    And, If you took 'of' out of my username you'll be left 'SUm1' which when read says someone

    Why is the 'S' and 'U' capital?
    SU = Soviet Union
    This is because I support communism and also because I'm partly Russian.

    Lets split all the letters (and number) apart:

    S U M O F 1

    This idea is a bit retarded and I don't really remember what I was thinking when I added it.
    The S can be pronounced 'as'
    The U can be read as 'you'
    The last the three letters M O F would be read as mof and if you use a little imagination you can read it as mofo which means motherfucker in colloquial English (if you read it fast enough), The 1 is written as one and pronounced as 'wun' or 'won' similar to wan (want)
    So, when you read them in this order you get:
    As (S) you (you) mofoing (motherfucking) want (1)
    As you motherfucking want.
    Don't ask me why.
    Also, if you take 'Sumo' out of my username you're left with f1. F1 (Formula 1) the single-seater car that I used to be obsessed with because of its speed.
    (372.6 km/h is the highest speed recorded ever by a Formula 1)

    The alphabets used in my username (S, U, m, o, f)
    There are 26 letters in the English alphabet as everyone knows.
    Which rank do these letters (S, U, m, o, f) have:
    S = the 19th letter
    U = the 21st letter
    m = the 13th letter
    o = the 15th letter
    f = the 6th letter

    Now we will gather all the ranks up so that they look like one number. When you do this you get 192113156
    Now because the goal of this post is to make you understand everything, I would expect you to say 'I understand everything (about your username)' once you're done reading. (which is going to be a while)
    384422631.2 What is this number?
    The first half '384422' is from a power distribution unit which is to do with my other obsession about magic, I literally used 'power' (not magical power, but that is what I would want you to think). If you take out one '4' from the number you will get the gene ID for The Fruit Fly which is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and many other things
    The second half '631.2' is a section that I got from US law which is about jurisdiction and procedures. Procedures are something that I enjoy following (and making, this post is a procedure to the understanding of my username). The jurisdiction is section (631.2) talks about small claims (which can only reach the High Court at maximum, this was me being edgy again with there being no real meaning in modern society and how everything in society is mundane)

    Now that you know where the number came from, let us use it.
    Splitting it what I'll do, I'll divide it by itself (shrink it from the inside)
    But before we do that there's another thing I have to show. If you take the previous number which was 192113156 and divide it by this number 384422631.2 that we were just using. So 192113156 / 384422631.2 equals to 5, which is the amount of letters in my username S (1) U (2) m (3) o (4) f (5)
    Now, the shrinking (ignoring decimals):
    38 / 4 = 9 (.5)
    42 / 2 = 21
    63 / 12 (1.2 becomes 12 because it is a section so therefore it is one whole thing) = 5 (.25)
    We're almost done. Three results, three numbers. These numbers are going to achieve my goal for this post
    The numbers are:

    9, 21 and 5

    Going back to the (English) alphabet.
    The 9th letter = I (the one after H, you might've confused it with L, just making sure you don't get confused)
    The 21st letter = U
    The 5th letter = E

    We get three letters:

    I U E

    Which can be an acronym.
    IUE =

    I Understand Everything

    I hope you did, If you did then reply with IUE
    Goal: Make you understand everything (goal completed)
    I’d be interested in knowing what your username means, so let me know by leaving a reply.

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  • @sumof1 that was actually mind-blowing had to reread it like 3 times and the third actually clicked on the links ^.^ Curious if you just thought about the part in your name "as you mother fucking want " while making this post, or you actually thought about it when making the name? You put a lot of thought in a username lol My username is not my actual name just something I like. I mean I have a family member named Azura but that's about it. Oh and IUE.

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  • @evan-elderson whats your story called.

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  • @azzurranna Yeah the mof part meant something else but I forgot so I just put that. All the same isn't it.

  • @evan-elderson I only read fiction, but I've never read a Sherlock Holmes book.

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    @sumof1 all I can say is WOW


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  • @evan-elderson Darren Shan's The Demonata (which has 10 books),
    These are historical:
    The Book of Abramelin, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Erebus, and the top 20 of these
    I got into reading about a year ago, I haven't read much because I have my Igcse's going on right now.

  • ure name is fuckin sumo F waaaaaan

    u tried to make it better but sorry its worse now


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  • @murdagang-shit your name literally has 'shit' in it what does it even mean

  • @evan-elderson Not really, It's just a good way to pass time when you don't have any friends.

  • @sumof1 its from a song that was playin when i first got head
    i was like fourteen

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  • @murdagang-shit how did you manage to get head at 14.